Initial Bounty Offering

Initial Bounty Offering: An Easy Explanation Of IBO

Initial Bounty Offering (IBO) is a term that is often used in the money 4.0 or the crypto space along with IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) and ICO (Initial Coins Offerings). If you do not know about this term and its use in the crypto space then you are at the right place. Let us have a look at what IBO means and what it does in the crypto space. 

What Is An Initial Bounty Offering?

IBO or Initial Bounty Offering refers to the crowdsourcing of human resources with the needed skill set and also the talent to work on a prevailing digital currency or blockchain project with native tokens being used in the exchange of the services that have been offered. 

IBOs need a specific level of mental commitment from the players. The rewards can only be changed to fiat after the coins have launched on an exchange or simply keep them with the aim of larger cash rewards in the future These rewards are also known as bounty campaign crypto

The projects are divided into smaller tasks and provided as bounties to a bounty hunter. A bounty hunter is an individual who fulfills the tasks for a token or free crypto bounties. Tasks can cut across a broad range of sectors like affiliate marketing on social networks, financial services,  advertising, and conversion services to receive attention from investors, that is basically, any task that takes forward the project in the crypto arena. Bounty hunters may also select to exchange tokens earned for other virtual currencies in the crypto financial space. Some of the crypto bounty sites include:

  • Bounty0x.
  • Gitcoin
  • Fundrequest
  • Open Bounty
  • Bitcointalk Bounties.

Composition Classification In The IBO (Initial Bounty Offering)

Relying on the capabilities and resources of participants, they are categorized as stated below:

  • Bounty hunters: These are the individuals who fulfill the tasks that the Initial Bounty Offering set and get the coin as a reward at the time the IBO is issued.
  • Speculators or hoarders: These are people who support every mission by buying a part of the reward in favor of the bounty hunter and, in return, they receive added coins from the support.
  • Builders: People with high potential and skills. They are primarily engaged in hard tasks, primarily crucial for the long-term development and growth of the system.
  • User: As an early registrant to the mechanism, getting coin rewards in big promotions at the early stage.
  • Referrers party: Are all the primary users taking part in the advertising, calling for system participants, promotion, and getting rewards for the results of advertising calling for new users. The most commonly availed main form of referral these days is “referral link” or “affiliate marketing”.
  • Partners: All channels like an exchange, wallet service offering coin or money 4.0, other conversion services. When associated with the IBO mechanism, they will be rewarded with that IBO token.

What To Do After Joining IBO?

So, after you join the Initial Bounty Offering and receive rewards for your contributions, there are 3 choices for your next move:

  1. Use coins that you get from bonuses to exchange for cash or exchange for other cryptos.
  2. Use the bonus coin to purchase the products or services that the IBO project provides.
  3. Simply HOLD and wait for the price of the coin to increase.

Those who wish to take part, but do not wish to spend time on the tasks or programs that the IBO offers, they can take part in speculation or hoarding of coins. By investing to purchase IBO coins, then IBO can access that financial resource for hiring external resources to enact the task. The best crypto bounty program is Gitcoin.

When Should I Choose An IBO Over An ICO?

Primarily. The Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) market size is relatively less. ICOs are primarily aimed at the segment of users who have available cash and wish to make investments in coins. Secondly, the rest of the section, those who do not own any coin as of now, has totaled to billions of people.  Even 2 out of 7.6 billion people do not even have a bank account. Hence, the potential of this sector is tremendous.

Initial Bounty Offering divides tokens or coins by formulating tasks or programs in exchange for community contribution and participation. After that, connecting an IBO to any exchange, users can fully convert one coin to another, even convert them back to cash as well. 

Profits Received By Initial Bounty Offerings

Following are the primary profits that gain by IBO in the arena of digital currency are:

  • IBO officials have the ability to accumulate the chances of bounties that are offered in the complete term of IBO performance.
  • It also provides the bounty hunters to offer incentives for the investors that take part in this business.
  • The Bounties of IBO and its activities are going to be very easy for the registration and also the validation of the identity of users.
  • It also includes the assignments that are conveniently based on the usage of programs linked with social media and the translation system of a whitepaper.
  • In order to make an unbiased distribution so, this aim may be attained when tokens are distributed and network growth could rise.


IBO, which stands for Initial Bounty Offering, is known as a resource-calling mechanism to help create projects, enact its marketing aims, and help to construct a certain user base. IBO trades tokens or coins for the contribution of the user to the ecosystem and the success of the project. In the above article, we have spoken about the concept of IBO, how it works, the crypto bounty list, and also the profits that the participants receive from IBO.

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