Obesity Fighting Crypto Platforms

Obesity Fighting Crypto Platforms Are Gaining Huge Popularity Now

Digital health is changing the healthcare industry. In the last year, $28 billion in the United States venture funding have been invested into digital health as per the Global X ETFs Telemedicine & Digital Health Survey. This funding is three times as compared to the one that was made in 2009. These invested firms have worked towards improving many critical medical issues like diabetes and obesity. With that, let us have a look at some of the obesity fighting crypto platforms. 

This same survey examined the impact of wearable technology like glucose monitors or fitness trackers on the health of the users. A good majority of 84 percent feel that their wearables help enhance their health.

With all of these developments of organizations for obesity popping up seemingly every day, it brings the question of where security suits into the puzzle when one deals with such sensitive data. And who is looking out for the ideal interests of the patients and their privacy?

Obesity Fighting Crypto Platform: HealthBlocks

A group of healthcare experts is releasing an application that is based on blockchain and is known as HealthBlocks. This will enable people to develop and store their consumer health data without compromising their security and privacy. Along with that the application will prioritize preventative health and motivate individuals to live a healthy lifestyle. 

With present health tracking devices, there is not much you can do besides see your data. This obesity fighting crypto platform wants to shift wellness tracking beyond view-only and enable people to gain from their health data and inspire them to enhance their health in the process.

Not only will preventative health enhance the regular lives of people, but it will also return social and economic prosperity to the greater population. As per the 2020 McKinsey Global Institute Report, 

“Better health promotes economic growth by expanding the labor force and by boosting productivity while also delivering immense social benefits. However, in recent years, a focus on rising healthcare costs, especially in mature economies, has dominated the policy debate, whereas health as an investment for economic return has largely been absent from the discussion.”

With these obesity fighting crypto platforms, one can set your personal health aims, track them with your wearables, and finally earn rewards when they attain their goals. These goals may be riding your bike to work or taking a regular walk via your neighborhood.

Beyond physical health, the team associated with HealthBlocks thinks mental health is just as crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to the team,

“In most western societies more than 50% of the adult population has one or more chronic diseases, more than half of the adults have obesity and mental health problems are rising to alarming levels.”

The team met with Maarten van Ooijen, the Netherlands Secretary of State for Public Health, Wellbeing, and Sport, to talk about the future of preventative health with HealthBlocks. Government advocacy for the well-being of its population mixed with cutting-edge technology in virtual health could bring preventive health measures to the latest heights. As per a statement released by HealthBlocks, 

“Solving the puzzle of living longer and healthier will result in prosperity, both from a wellness and economical perspective. Traditional healthcare needs to step out of the shadow of its own hospital buildings. However, the medical space is slow in evolving into the life of the “consumer” space.”

This obesity fighting crypto platform identifies that the traditional healthcare systems do not put enough of an emphasis on preventative implications. Thanks to the many latest innovations in virtual health, this no longer requires it to be our reality. Now that wearable tech makes it accessible to monitor and enhance daily health habits, HealthBlocks is offering the platform to incentivize individuals to take action in their own lives. More than 4,000 people have signed up to take part in the beta launch of the HealthBlocks app. According to the company, 

“Our healthcare systems are designed to act reactively and are best in treating acute diseases and trauma, it’s designed to be a disease care system. Whereas the greatest challenges at this moment lie in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases which have a deep connection with lifestyle factors and can be prevented by living healthier.”

Obesity Fighting Crypto Platform: Lympo

Estonian blockchain startup Lympo and the South Korean pharmaceutical giant GC Pharma join forces to form a mobile personalized care product that will motivate a healthier diet and also active lifestyle in the fight against obesity. The counterpart of Lympo for this cooperation is GC Healthcare, GC Pharma’s healthcare subsidiary.

As per the latest studies, the number of obese people across the globe has increased to 2.1 billion which is 30 percent of the global population. Obesity-related diseases are the No. 1 reason for death globally with obesity rates increasing every year. Most of the risk factors can be discarded with more physical activity and also a healthier diet. According to Dokyu Jeon, CEO at GC Healthcare, 

“Lympo has shown outstanding exercise motivation effect. So we began cooperation to create more personalized and effective personalized care services.” 

Personalized diet and exercise programs are not huge news, however, this one is varied. Instead of coming into old-fashioned PDF and becoming just another thing, you forgot to read the community obesity prevention programs will be accessible on the Lympo app divided into small daily tasks. Those tasks later change to gamified challenges and users can get real value awards for completion. The GC Healthcare team will ensure that every user receives a customized plan to attain the best results. As per Ada Jonuse, CEO of Lympo,

“Lympo is all about empowering people to live healthier and happier lives with the help of the latest technologies. With the expertise of GC Healthcare, we will offer a superior solution that will adapt to personal needs and make a healthier lifestyle fun and rewarding.”

These obesity fighting crypto platforms offer exercise motivation by rewarding people for fulfilling healthy lifestyle challenges for more than 350,000 users who joined Lympo in 12 months since its release in South Korea and US.

GC Healthcare functions in various medical services in South Korea, that include medical checkups for corporate clients, and has the efficiency of its league healthcare professionals’ team.

Why Is Blockchain The Solution To Digital Health?

Consumer health data is turning more and more valuable as fitness tracking applications and wearables are highly dominating the market and so these obesity fighting crypto platforms are gaining huge popularity. However, this is a blatant lack of privacy and security in all other prevailing solutions. Presently, centralized corporations and big technologies are the sole owners of the health data of their users. In the scenario of security breaches, your private data is left vulnerable in the hands of these entities.

In September, more than 61 million health data records of Fitbit and Apple users were exposed because of an insecure app. The third-party application using the wearable device data did not securely store the records of customers, leaving them wide open to an attack.

The HealthBlocks app is constructed on IoTeX, which is a decentralized blockchain network. Because of this, your health data that is derived from your wearable devices will not be stolen or hacked, unlike with traditional databases. Nasdaq recently identified IoTeX as among the top 5 cryptocurrency solutions for the future of healthcare. Nasdaq.com states, 

“A crucial next step is helping healthcare providers know that there’s an emergency before it’s too late. If something were to happen to an individual at home, or anywhere away from a healthcare facility, these facilities don’t fully know what they’re dealing with until the patient is received. The healthcare industry is already looking to bridge these IoT platforms with their needs. IoTeX, with its existing technology for remote monitoring, is a project that stands to help usher in this solution.”

HealthBlocks created its application upon IoTeX with this mixture of security and innovation in mind. Digital health is changing traditional healthcare methods as we identify them, and it is our responsibility to be ahead of the curve before getting left behind.

The Bottom Line

It is evident that centralized entities should no longer be the holders of health data. These obesity fighting crypto platforms are actively taking the initiative to enhance their health habits every day should benefit from their decisions. Now, thanks to these teams of healthcare experts, who prioritize preventative health will open new chances for people globally.

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