34 Best Online Cryptocurrency Forums For This Year & Beyond

One of the best ways to know and learn about digital currency and blockchain networks is to be in constant interaction with the community. There is no shortage of cryptocurrency forums and groups out there. Now you may wonder what is the best cryptocurrency forum? In this article, we will discuss some of the best crypto groups and forums that are available. 

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Forums And Groups To Consider

Any typical cryptocurrency forum should allow the user to discuss things related to crypto technology. However, there are those that fixate on specified topics like the ones that only discuss Bitcoin. In a Bitcoin forum, for example, you get every exchange information revolving around Bitcoin. Having said that, there are many cryptocurrency forums that discuss a wide range of cryptos. So let us see the complete crypto forum lists that you can consider for 2021 and beyond. 


It is considered that Bitcointalk to be the most influential and the master of crypto forums on the web. It caters to almost two million members and has more than three million posts. 

In this forum, there are sections dedicated to mining, speculation, technical support, development, ICOs, and more. There is also a section for learning where there are huge materials for beginners and is available in more than 20 languages. 

Cryptocurrency Talk

Cryptocurrency Talk is just the right place to hang out if you wish to talk and discuss digital currency but not the broader aspect of blockchain technology. This community is not as large as Bitcointalk, but there are many posts every day that keep you informed. This site also provides support in various languages. 


Crypto Twitter can be said as another social niche for cryptocurrency. Here you can interact and follow the right people with rich experience. Also, you can follow bots, trolls, and also sensational news. There are numerous accounts of crypto on Twitter. 


Steemit is the first social network in the world to have integrated with the crypto sector. All the data of the network is stored in their blockchain. This site categorizes all its contents using tags. Popular tags of crypto include cryptocurrency, crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BTC, altcoin, and Litecoin. 


It is not required to mention that the hub for cryptocurrency forums and groups is none other than Reddit. There are many coins that have their own subreddit and also there are many boards for trading, development, news, and more. 

Among the crypto forum Reddit here are some subreddits are:

  • /r/cryptocurrency
  • /r/cryptomarkets
  • /r/Bitcoin
  • /r/Ethereum
  • /r/BitcoinBeginners
  • /r/Litecoin
  • /r/ethtrader
  • /r/altcoin
  • /r/CryptoCurrencyTrading
  • /r/cryptocurrencymemes

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a renowned cryptocurrency firm in the technical world. All their content follows a pattern of question and answer. The main site provides several sub sites that focus on specific topics. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin have their sub sites. The Bitcoin site has more than 65,000 users and has seen answers equivalent to 30,000 on 22,000 questions. 


IRC still exists and it still thrives. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chats. It finds its roots back in the 1980s and provides us with real time chart service before Slack, MSN Messenger, or even Skype. Some of the largest IRC crypto channels include #cryptsy, #bitcoin, #poloniex, #bittrex, and #bitcoin-mining.


Telegram can be called as a chat app that is a computer to WhatsApp. There are many crypto experts out there who have created their own groups. Some are free to join while the others require a small amount of payment. Examples of some best crypto channels in Telegram are Cointelegraph, DeCenter,, ICO Invest, and Crypto Experts Signal. will be a known name for those who have invested in the regular market or in crypto. The main aim of this site is to provide data and charts regarding the investing market of crypto and shares and stocks. In their crypto section, each coin is assigned with different cryptocurrency forums that carry information and data regarding that particular coin. 

Official Token Website

Lastly, do not skip to visit the official website of Token. This is an active community indicating the best healthy long term outlook for any given coin. With a community, no coin will ever get exposure, and the hype it requires to break out on the market. 

Some More Cryptocurrency Forums In The Market

Apart from the top 10 crypto trading forum that has been mentioned above, here are more than you can check out. 

  • The Bitcoin Forum
  • Beer Money Forum 
  •  Bitcoin Garden Forum
  • Dash Forum
  • Litecointalk
  •  Overclockers
  •  Hard Forum
  •  Trendir
  •  Pinoy Exchange
  •  CryptoFaucets Forum
  •  Altcoins Talks
  • Coin Expansion
  • The Cryptocurrency Forums
  • Cryptorum
  • Currency Times
  • Free Coin Talk
  •  Bitcoin Forum
  • Neva Fomo
  • CryptoCompare Forum 
  • BitCoinTalk Forum
  • Investing
  • Forex Zone
  • TopGoldForum 


Cryptocurrency forums are important for people to get sound knowledge about the world of cryptocurrency. So there are various forums that provide information for the same. The above are some names of such forums. 

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