Quant Crypto At Peak

Quant Crypto Records 1-Month High As The Market Rebounds

Quant (QNT) is an altcoin that is gaining immense popularity lately. This is due to the fact that this cryptocurrency has been surging for months now. Quant crypto recently achieved another 1-month peak, which is notable as the market has been bearish and volatile lately. Let’s read further about this digital currency as it is one of the cryptos to be ruling the market recently.

What Is Quant Crypto?

The Quant CoinMarketcap page suggests that it was:

“Launched in June 2018 with the goal of connecting blockchains and networks on a global scale, without reducing the efficiency and interoperability of the network. It is the first project to solve the interoperability problem through the creation of the first blockchain operating system.

The project is built as an operating system distributed ledger technology — and Overledger Network — for connecting different blockchain networks. The project is billed as the first OS to be built for blockchains.

The main aim of Quant — using Overledger — is to bridge the gap that exists between different blockchains. The backbone of the project is the Overledger network, which Quant bills as the ecosystem on which the future digital economy ecosystem will be built.”

Latest Quant Crypto News

Quant (QNT) 1D Graph (Source: CoinmarketCap)

According to the latest Quant crypto news, the QNT token price was up by a huge 19.65% and it traded at $174.22 at the time of writing on Friday, October 14, 2022. The market valuation of the crypto stood at $2.08 billion, up by 18.45%. In addition, the 24-hour trade volume of the token had skyrocketed by a huge 167.68% and was at $123.22 million. The day’s high was recorded at $174.75, which was also the month’s peak for this crypto. After its bullish rally, the Quant crypto price prediction rating was revised and upgraded to $216.10 by the end of 2022.

As reported earlier by Crypto Venture News, the Quant crypto price was up by 10.81% and it traded at $136.86 at the time of writing on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. The market capitalization of the token stood at $1.65 billion, up by 10.84%. Further, the 27-hour trade volume for the crypto also surged by a massive 254.11% to 218.14 million. From the last reporting date for Quant, we see that this currency has gained over 27%, which is considerable enough since the market had not been performing well during this time period. According to the Quant CoinMarketCap page, that day’s high was $143.26, which shows that the coin had gained much more than the reported value but then might have been affected by the downward trend in the market at that time.

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