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Polymath Crypto: A Sneak Peek Into This Unpopular Currency

Polymath (POLY) has been garnering a lot of attention lately after the coin started its bullish rally while staying volatile. It is one of the digital currencies about which people want to know more and more after the recent surge. However, the reasons for such a performance are yet not known. But details about the Polymath crypto are surely available. So, first, let’s have a look at what is Polymath crypto all about and then we will discuss its features, overall price action and other updates.

What Is Polymath Crypto?

The Polymath CoinMarketCap page defines the crypto as one that:

“Provides technology to create, issue, and manage security tokens on the blockchain. Polymath spearheaded the creation of a unified standard for security tokens on Ethereum, ERC 1400, and over 200 tokens have been deployed using Polymath’s Ethereum-based solution. Recognizing that existing blockchains were insufficient to meet the regulatory requirements of capital markets, Polymath built Polymesh, an institutional grade blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. Polymath streamlines antiquated processes and opens the door to new financial instruments by solving the inherent challenges with public infrastructure around identity, compliance, confidentiality, governance, and settlement.”

“Polymath was founded while searching for a solution to tokenize a private fund. During this process, it became clear that complex technical and legal challenges made it very difficult to launch securities on the blockchain. This led to a much larger vision: instead of launching just one tokenized micro fund, why not make it easy for anyone to launch a security token? With this idea, Polymath was born. Polymath has team members and contributors worldwide and a growing list of over 50 global service providers.”

Polymath Features

The important features that Polymath hosts have been noted below.

  • Open source: The crypto and its home blockchain (Polymesh) work on the principle of transparency.
  • Standardized: The integration of the ERC1400 standard guarantees that the POLY crypto’s code fulfils the specific needs to reduce technical issues.
  • Modular: Polymath modules enable you to customize your providings, manage the team, and offer corporate actions.
  • Automated: Polymath allows issuers to set rules about who can acquire or hold their token, the way it can be transmitted, and jurisdictional needs. Thereafter, the system will automate the execution and enforcement of these rules.
  • Purpose-built: Polymesh is one of the institutional grade blockchains developed, especially, for security tokens that solve the inherent obstacles with public infrastructure around compliance, identity, governance, and confidentiality.
  • End-to-end: Polymath’s self-service cryptocurrency token creation, development and management technology integrate in a smooth manner with a huge network of custodians, cap table management providers, broker-dealers, legal firms, KYC/AML, token sale platforms suppliers and others so the issuers can create a tailormade end-to-end solution.

Polymath Crypto Price History

Polymath (POLY) 1D Graph (Source: CoinmarketCap)

The Polymath crypto price was up by 12.51% and it traded at $0.2413 at the time of writing. The market capitalization of the token stood at $223.31 million, up by 12.63%. In addition, the 24-hour trade volume also surged by a huge 39.73% and was at $117.36 million. The day’s high was recorded at $0.2657, which was much less than the 1-month high of $0.4409 attained earlier on September 8, 2022. At the time the daily trade volume also skyrocketed from a range of $2 million – $3 million to over $400 million, which was a commendable increase.

Polymath (POLY) 1M Graph (Source: CoinmarketCap)

In the month it saw a ‘green’ performance and even maintained the momentum during the crypto crash sessions that took place at that point in time. The POLY token managed to almost triple in value when it reached its high of more than $0.44. However, it did get affected by the ‘red’ trends and lost considerable value while still trading over the price it started the month at. It peaked between September 8 and 9 and the Polymath crypto news articles did cover that. One of them mentioned how it gained over 144% in a day and then dropped about 34% on the other day. But it still managed to not succumb to the bearish market. Instead, it started going up at press time.

However, the 3-month chart shows a volatile Polymath crypto price action where it increased once and dipped the other day. Thereafter, it peaked at one point and fell drastically afterwards. This swinging price actions are something that would be beneficial for swing traders and not the ones who are looking for long-term profits in the domain. Also, the all-time data suggests that the token has lost immense value. It started trading at $0.7905 on February 2, 2022. It had peaked at about $1.66 and at the time of reporting was down by a massive 85% from it.

Polymath (POLY) All-Time Graph (Source: CoinmarketCap)

The crypto market is volatile, and this is one of the participants that rightly prove this to be true from time to time. One of the Polymath crypto news also suggested that the token is set to be on a bullish rally, but the outcome thereafter would be uncertain. Till the time of writing, its all-time performance was disappointing as it could not even trade near to the price it started trading. This can be attributed to the crypto winter that started in December last year, but the token had already been in the ‘red’ far before that.

Polymath Price Prediction 2022-2025

Here is the Polymath crypto price prediction rating from 2022 to 2025. The analysis is based on a crypto fundamental analysis and might not be accurate enough but can be used as a guide for investment decisions. Therefore, have a look at it carefully.

  • Polymath Crypto Price Prediction 2022: By the end of 2022 it is expected that the POLY crypto will reach a price of $0.27 (average rating). The minimum estimation is set at $0.25. On the other hand, the maximum rating is pegged at $0.28.
  • Polymath Crypto Price Prediction 2023: The forecast for 2023 expects the POLY coin to reach a price of $0.39 (average rating). The minimum estimation is pinned at $0.37 whereas the maximum rating is kept at $0.45.
  • Polymath Crypto Price Prediction 2024: The prediction for 2024 estimates the POLY token to value at a price of $0.57 (average rating). The minimum estimation is $0.55. On the other hand, the maximum rating is pegged at $0.66.
  • Polymath Crypto Price Prediction 2025: The estimation for 2025 expects the POLY coin to be valued at $0.80 (average rating). The minimum estimated rating is $0.78 whereas the maximum rating is set at $0.95.

Winding It Up!

We hope that now you know what is Polymath crypto all about. This standardized and open-source token has defied the recent bearish trends. Therefore, it might prove to be a worthy investment in the future.  But you should not make a hasty decision and should analyze the trends and the market carefully prior to reaching a conclusion. Moreover, refer to the price prediction data that we noted for further assistance. If after checking out the trends and price actions along with other findings using investment tools, you think that it is worthy enough to put in your money do update us about it. Also, don’t forget to mention your entire journey and if we can help in any way do ask your queries in the comment section below.

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