Quarashi Network Launch: Your Privacy Gets A New Shape

Recently the Quarashi Network launch took place. This launch revolved around it’s all-in-one mobile platform that aimed at offering the users complete anonymity and privacy. It focuses on being the most private, most anonymous and secure application for chatting in the world. It aims to offer its users an anonymous identity while receiving and sending both traditional messages along with transactions in digital currency.

Over the past years individual users and businesses had to face serious threats due to the lack of privacy on the social media platforms. And the worst part is third party companies purchase the sensitive information, steal personal data, and also gain access to all your accounts.

Another rising concern is the privacy threat that most of the digital currency wallets face. According to a recent report, 73% of the online users have either denied or hesitated making a transaction in the past as they are concerned about the privacy of those transactions.

Almost every digital currency that is present in the market lacks the in-buit privacy. So unless the crypto wallet of a user is focused on privacy, it is very easy to track all the transactions by using hostile third parties. Nothing on the internet can be said to be 100% safe. It is clear that there is a rising demand for wallets that are privacy-oriented to safeguard against transactions getting tracked by malicious players.

The Quarashi Network launch of their mobile application came as a savior. They are creating an ecosystem that allows receiving and sending transactions and communications in a completely private manner. Along with that, their aim is focused on total commitment, absolute respect, and consistency for the data, identity, and the privacy of the user. According to the development team of Quarashi Network,

“Privacy shouldn’t be considered an extra feature. It is the absolute foundation and the irrevocable core upon the rest of the project is built. Full and total dedication must be upheld to focus all of the available technology on user protection.”

It is clear that the storming project is on the way to offer aid to businesses and individuals to regain their rights to anonymity and privacy.

Quarashi Network Launch: Its Core Element

The core elements of Quarashi are designed to be completely accessible and user friendly for every digital currency holder. They are all powered by Quarashi Network’s official token QUA (Quarashi Network Token). Here are the core elements of the network. 

Quarashi Exchange And Wallets

The full crypto asset and multi-digital currency wallet solution enables the user to manage their assets safely on Ethereum Chain and Binance Smart Chain. The users can receive and send more than 9000 digital currencies. Digital assets like Chainlink, Aave, and many more can be stored safely on this wallet. The exchange on the other hand enables direct P2P (peer-to-peer) digital currency transactions to happen online safely and without the requirement of any intermediary. Along with that, Quarashi will never ask its users for information regarding any of their private keys or assets.

Quarashi Anonymity Or Privacy Chat

The Quarashi Network offers a decentralized chat structure where the user can choose to remain anonymous or not. If they choose to remain so, then they will get complete encryption and privacy. This is the very first real application for chatting that provides full privacy to the users. No contact number, or email address will be required. There is also no requirement of call, contact, location, camera, or private message access from their end. 

Technical Innovation

The Quarashi Network launch has done great help in the innovation of technology. It is more than just an application for chatting or a cryptocurrency wallet. Unlike the traditional applications for chat that offer the users with end-to-end encryption as the only feature dealing with privacy, Quarashi provides various other blooming features. For this network, text messages and all other files use the military grade protocol and also end-to-end data encryption along with optimized pre-keys for multi-device and mobile messaging. 

Quarashi Network Token

The Quarashi Network is powered by a native crypto token known as the QUA token. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is deflationary in nature. This is a multi functional token that is used on the Quarashi platform. Now if we talk about Quarashi Network bounty, Quarashi team is expected to spend up to 500,000 tokens for its upcoming ico bounty campaign.

The maximum supply of this Token is 1,000,000,000 QUA. The pre-sale Quarashi Network launch of the token was on August 1, 2021. The Quarashi Network token price is $0.018 for 1 QUA. The presale distribution is 28,000,000 QUA.

Some other pre released crypto coins include:

  • Endgame Token – END
  • Market Move – MOVE
  • Burn Doge – BURNDOGE


Quarashi is the full package of the next generation mobile channel that is completely focused on decentralized exchange, privacy chat, blockchain UI, multi chain digital currency wallet, IDO launchpad, airdrops, and vpn. It is said to be the best upcoming blockchain project. With Quarashi, 100% privacy, anonymity, encrypted, and usability is assured. Quarashi Network launch is one of the major developments in the internet world. Quarashi Network price predictions and the forecast of QUA is completely based on total money flowing globally into the digital currency market, and rise of Bitcoin and other important digital currencies.

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