RBIS Price Rise By 350%: Is The New Coin Surpassing Bitcoin?

There is a nearly 350% RBIS price rise that has shaken the crypto space and everybody now is talking about this crypto. But what is this crypto, and how did it attain such a high price? We will discuss everything in the following article.

RBIS is the official crypto token for the digital currency exchange ArbiSmart. This exchange facilitates all types of crypto exchange and crypto trading and is regulated by the European Union (EU). Now that you know what is RBIS token and let us see the reason for such a price rise.

RBIS Price Rise By 350%: Reasons For This Increase

With a 350% gain, the RBIS cryptocurrency is presently on the radar of every crypto enthusiast. The crypto space can be highly profitable, but along with that, it is also highly fluctuating in nature. If, on the other hand, you wish to experience the Crypto rollercoaster ride while avoiding downfalls, then this one coin provides an unmatched opportunity for investment. There are reasons for RBIS price rise and also the increase in popularity.

RBIS is the underlying crypto token for the ArbiSmart project that has the ability to generate passive income in either a bear or a bull market scenario. Since it was released 2 years ago, there has been a steady increase in the value of the token and specialists predict that the value of this crypto will attain 40 times its present value by 2023.

ArbiSmart is a licensed platform that employs crypto arbitrage, which is a form of making investments and capitalizes on temporary price differentials. These are small examples when a crypto is simultaneously available on various exchanges at various prices. The ArbiSmart platform is connected to a huge number of crypto exchanges and continuously scans them for the purpose of knowing the price differentials. It buys digital currency on the exchange with the lowest value and then sells those cryptos at the highest price. The profits on this platform start at 10.08% and can go as much as 45% every year based on the amount of the deposit made by the user.

Price disparities can be attributed to various factors that include the differences in the volume of trading and also in the liquidity between smaller and larger exchanges. As a result of this, regardless of the fact whether the market is increasing or falling, short — term differences in prices will continue to prevail and offer similar regularity. Thus, BTC and ETH will retain their prices while offering excellent passive income even during bear markets, making RBIS smart and an excellent hedge against the crash of any crypto. So now ArbiSmart token, buy it at a lucrative price.

RBIS Price rise: Growth Of This Token

ArbiSmart is receiving attention at a great pace. It’s over year growth was 150% in 2020 and the usage of the platform has increased hugely since that time. Along with that, development of this platform is still ongoing with the current implementation of prominent system upgrades and also the future launches of a series of the latest RBIS utilities. This platform is also scheduled to launch a RBIS token wallet that will generate interest in both fiat and crypto in 2021 that will be followed by a mobile application. A credit card for crypto and also a yield farming program in the first quarter of 2022. Along with that, RBIS crypto will be listed in the 4th quarter of 2021.


There are several reasons for RBIS price rise, and they have been stated above. One of the reasons amongst them is the steady growth of this token during a time when there is a huge crash in crypto space. The crypto arbitrage offers are always lucrative and attractive. So, if you have not yet invested in RBIS token, then you can begin now. You can search for RBIS token Binance, and purchase it from there.

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