Real Estate Vs Crypto

Real Estate Vs Crypto: Which Is A Better Option Altogether?

Digital currencies are evidently boosting the financial industry, proving to be an attractive and viable investment option in the markets presently. Real estate has been in the market for a while, and many investors have turned fond of its market. However, real estate offers fewer returns in comparison to digital currencies. That is why a big entity like Tesla, in February 2021, bought $1.5 billion in BTC. But for a clear idea today we will do a comparison between real estate vs crypto. 

Real Estate Vs Crypto: An Overview

Before we get into the comparison between real estate vs crypto, let us have a look at what these two mean individually. 

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Digital currencies are alternatives for fiat money in digital assets that people use to purchase services, goods, and investments. It started in 2009 with BTC as the first crypto and the most used crypto to date. Digital currencies tend to solve problems that revolve around the traditional financial ecosystem that is centralized. That is the reason digital currencies do not deal with any third parties such as governments or banks; they are decentralized in nature. They are unique lines of codes that get verified via cryptography.

Since the formation of Bitcoin, there are numerous digital currencies flooding the market, and more are still being formed. Digital currencies are kept in digital wallets that need a private key to legitimize your transactions. The private key of the wallet is a unique code important for digitally signing off on buys, which implies you cannot do without it. Along with that, digital currencies function under blockchain technology which is completely a decentralized technology that handles and records transactions.

What Is Real Estate?

Real estate implies buying land together with any natural or artificial enhancements permanently related to the land. Real estate consists of five categories: residential, industrial, commercial, raw land, and the special use. There are several ways of making investments in real estate, such as directly buying a home or any other rental property via a real estate investment trust (REIT). In general, real estate offers you complete ownership rights of the land. It involves what lies below and above it and anything that is constantly attached to it. Real estate offers you the right to possess, sell, lease, and enjoy the land.

Real Estate Vs Crypto: Which Is More Attractive? 

Over the years, various economic novices thought real estate a worthwhile investment option, sort of the ideal retirement investment plan. However, even though the real estate can develop cash flows, a few restrictions limit it from being an attractive investment. On the contrary, digital currencies have a history of people making tons of money because of their volatile nature. Some enthusiasts think it is a modern-day gold rush, and many are interested to join the frenzy to receive a piece of the pie. However, digital currencies have their drawbacks which make them a risky investment choice. To evaluate which one is more attractive in this comparison of real estate vs crypto, let us dive into some of their comparisons.

Fluctuations Vs Interests

To start with, the high fluctuations in the values of digital currencies make them a highly attractive investment option. There are many past scenarios where crypto fanatics bagged big after the prices of digital currencies skyrocketed. An instance is in 2017 when the values of crypto increased from $900 to $20,000. However, the price of Bitcoin came crashing down the following year, and it lost over half its value. Interestingly, it attained an all-time high in early 2021 by reaching over $65,000, but it later deteriorated to around $35,000 at writing. Such instances prove crypto as an attractive investment. However, the risk of losing most of your investment, if not all, because of fluctuation can make one think twice.

In this comparison of Bitcoin vs real estate, real estate appreciates by approximately 6% each year. As a real estate investor, you receive money via rental income and profits from business work on your property. As an outcome, the value of your real estate rises over time, and rent also rises. As an outcome, you can profit when you plan to sell, leading to higher cash flows.


Cryptos are highly speculative; not even crypto veterans can evaluate how they will act over time. Even though speculation is a feature to consider before you make any investment, crypto is a new market that is far riskier in comparison to traditional markets, and you cannot know how it will perform in the long run. 

In the meantime, real estate has a predictable cash flow which is the net spendable income obtained from the investment after paying functioning expenses and mortgage payments. Thus, an attractive real estate investment should offer you with 6 percent or even more cash flow.


In this comparison of digital currency vs property, investing in digital currencies comes with some risks. Apart from the risk of fluctuations, owning and keeping cryptos poses some risks as well. Since you need a crypto exchange to purchase and sell digital currencies, you will require a secure digital wallet to hold your coins. Nevertheless, these digital wallets are exposed to hackers who might steal all your crypto investments. If you also forgot the password of your digital wallet, you have to say goodbye to your investment since you will not access it without the password.

On the contrary, real estate has no big security threats apart from property damage, which you can enhance over time and still earn from your investments.


After this comparison of real estate vs crypto, this can be concluded that the cryptocurrency sphere is still a new financial space that has proven to be attractive to some with established skin in the game. Before making investments in crypto, you need to understand the field better so that you can earn more. Otherwise, if you are new to the field, you will need rigorous research. If not, you better steer clear of them since they can highly flatten your investment in a matter of seconds. 

On the contrary, real estate provides a good investment chance since you can get a passive income flow. Along with that, your real estate investments could also create your equity and wealth with time, and it acts as a good retirement option as well. So in the comparison of stocks vs real estate vs crypto, real estate is a safer option with a restricted percentage of profit while crypto and stocks both are volatile options with huge margins of profit. But time is now changing, people have started to mix crypto with real estate to get a feeling of both.

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