Ronin NFT Sales

Ronin NFT Sales: Below The $1mn Mark After 16 Months!

Ronin NFT sales fell drastically in the month of August, which shows a huge decline as it is the most prominent one in the last 16 months. This was due to the fact that the number of unique buyers of these digital collectibles has been declining. In addition, the crypto and NFT markets have been the worst affected in recent times as the former has witnessed an immense number of crashes lately.

Ronin NFT Sales Data

According to the data released by CryptoSlam, a website that is known for accumulating data in the NFT industry, the Ronin NFT sales in August amounted to $939,432, which is below the $1 million mark that the NFT blockchain had earlier achieved continuously for over a year. However, Ronin Network, the organization behind this NFT, Ronin, has witnessed positive updates in the first week of this month. This includes the fact that Sky Mavis (developers of Axie Infinity game and crypto) added Google to its expanding list of firms that are aimed at securing the gaming-specific Ethereum sidechain network. While Ronin powers the Axie Infinity network, it will also enjoy the benefits that lie.

Moreover, another notable event that happened was that the United States federal authorities helped the company recover about $30 million of the lost money in a scam. It was the Ronin Bridge Hack in which the organization had lost funds worth about $600 million, which is huge, isn’t it? However, the fact that its NFT sales have been decreasing can‘t be ignored. It is still not known if the team has taken any decision to mitigate this issue and boost the NFT sales volume again.

Ronin Price Today

The Ronin CoinMarketCap page shows that the RON token was down by 3.81% as it traded at $0.3311 at the time of writing on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. The fully diluted market capitalization of the crypto stood at $331.10 million, declining by 3.81%. In contrast to the surge in Ronin price today, we also spotted that the 24-hour trade volume gained considerably by 11.04% and was at $1.5 million. The drop might be in response to the above-mentioned news or the volatile market.

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