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5 Best Smart Contract Auditing Companies For This Year

Using a smart contract on the blockchain without auditing can imply suicide for most projects. Presently, hackers are constantly searching for potential vulnerabilities and code errors. Along with that, most users have the required experience to know that they cannot trust unaudited crypto protocols and DeFi. So in this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 smart contract auditing companies that help to make the crypto space safer.  

Top 5 Smart Contract Auditing Companies

Fortunately, no projects have to be released unaudited, especially with the abundance of professional auditors in the sector. These experts can check the smart contracts in depth, find out vulnerabilities and errors, and recommend fixes. Simply stated, they increase the chance of the protocol of launching successfully and creating community trust. With that let us have a look at the 5 most efficient smart contract auditing companies that are presently operational. 

1. Chainsulting

Among the list of top 5 blockchain security and smart contract audit companies, this is the first one. Chainsulting is a development and auditing company for DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)  and Digital Assets.

  •       Consulting on DLT (distributed ledger technology) and digital assets
  •       Penetration testing and smart contract audits
  •       Blockchain architecture and development
  •       dApp development

The aim of the company is to help projects evaluate risks while offering comprehensive opportunities and solutions. Also, the team seeks to create tools that assure blockchain-based protocols launch and function securely.

Chainsulting has more than 30 employees situated in the headquarter in Germany and remotely across the globe. The entity stands out in the industry because of its unique auditing techniques. For example, its expert team of auditors carries out a world-class, multi-step smart contract security audit to aid projects preventing them from DeFi hacking.

Its professional auditors mix a comprehensive auditing process along with professional reviews to raise the probability of a secure smart contract. Along with that, at the end of each audit, Chainsulting offers a security compliance certificate to enhance the trust of the community in the DeFi platform.

Lastly, the long record of efficiency of the company makes it one of the most effective smart contract auditing companies in the industry. Some of its clients are prestigious brands, like 1Inch, POA Network, DAI, and Unicrypt.

2. CertiK

Among the top crypto audit companies, this grabs the second position. CertiK is a security entity that uses cutting-edge formal authentication technology to understand the safety of crypto projects. It operates closely with cyber security experts to form efficient end-to-end tools. So far, this smart contract auditing company professionals have audited more than 188,000 lines of code and secured more than $6.32 billion worth of assets.

Some of the professional services of CertiK include:

  • Security Audit
  • Penetration Testing
  • Smart Contract Scanning

The company also provides two innovative products allowing protocols to raise their security standards. The first one is Skynet, which is an intelligence engine powering the security scores on the proprietary Security Leaderboard of the company. This service assures 24/7 security analysis for smart contracts.

Another CertiK characteristic is SkyTrace, which is an intelligent, intuitive graph tracing tool. Clients can avail it to visualize the risk of fraud among BSC and Ethereum type wallets. Along with that, it helps them trace and detects suspicious flows to and from their wallets.

The dimension that sets CertiK apart from other smart contract auditing companies is that it employs mathematically tested procedures to validate smart contracts. To this end, the team has created a public blockchain, CertiK Chain, to take advantage of its formal verification platform. This way, it validates and tests the security of decentralized projects. Some of its collaborators are Lightspeed, Matrix Partners, Binance Labs, and DHVC.

3. Solidproof

Solidproof is another German security entity that specializes in project auditing, high-security data storage, and KYC procedures. Their team comprises expert auditors and also industry professionals with several years of experience in the industry. They are among the best smart contract auditors in the sector. 

Some of the services offered by Solidproof include:

  • Smart Contract Auditing
  • KYC Checks and Standards
  • DocuSign Forms

The company enables clients to request a custom package that has some or all of its services. Along with that, Solidproof ensures a high level of security for the data of its clients under the German DSGVO law. To this end, it keeps all user data on a private server that only the company can avail.

Recently, Solidproof has released an Automated Audit Tool, which should aid clients to inspect their smart contract codes efficiently and quickly. Along with that, Solidproof performs manual audits to aid developers to find vulnerabilities in their codes. Some of its most latest clients include PulseX, ShibaMoon, Etna Network, and Daima Token, among many others.

4. OpenZeppelin

OpenZeppelin has been created into a reliable security entity after developing the OpenZeppelin Contracts as Solidity libraries. Since then, various projects have used them to test their smart contracts prior to deploying them on the blockchain. Along with that, the firm aims at smart contract security and also the audit services.

Some of the OpenZeppelin services and products include:

  • A Solidity library of reusable and secure smart contracts
  • Defender – A platform to automate smart contract operations
  • Security audits from start to finish

The entity understands the challenges of creating decentralized applications. To this end, it offers an extensive suite of tools to allow projects to overcome the scarcity of proper development. Also, its secure and private transaction infrastructure should support them to automate Ethereum functions and deliver high-quality products quicker.

Some of the most popular audit reports of OpenZeppelin involve prestigious names, like Maker, Augur, Brave, Compound, and Centre Token.

Developers can utilize the native SDK of OpenZeppelin to integrate OpenZeppelin Contracts in their projects. Also, they can use the gamification elements of the company, like Etherenaut, to evaluate smart contract errors. This game engages users into a Web3 which is a Solidity war game used to hack smart contracts, thus discovering bugs and vulnerabilities.

5. Trail of Bits

The last but not the least in the list of best Smart Contract Auditing Companies is Trail of Bits. This crypto audit company is a group of developers who are looking to identify and fix loopholes in smart contracts and devices. They offer a versatile suite of software security tools that ranges from smart contract audits to the development of blockchain. Their proprietary solutions are Crytic, Slither, Lifting Bits, Privacy Raven, and Echidna.

Some of the most famous services from Trail of Bits include:

  • Software Assurance
  • Binary Analysis
  • Blockchain Security
  • Software Hardening

Along with that, the company offers clients with high-end infrastructure and cryptography security. Along with that, Trail of Bits provides a Threat Modeling service. Via it, organizations can evaluate and prepare better against cyber vulnerabilities. The experts of the company test and analyze projects to find the probability of compromise. In the end, they evaluate a risk score and suggest actionable remediation procedures.


The decentralized finance (DeFi) space is rapidly increasing. In just 2021, DeFi has a market cap of more than $100 billion. Recently, a case of high-profile DeFi hacks has prompted some to refer to the young sector as the “Wild West” of digital currencies. 2021 has witnessed some of the most prominent cryptocurrency thefts in history. There is an evolving sophistication of heists on dozens of best DeFi protocols. So in the above article, we have talked about the top 5 smart contract auditing companies that help to keep this space safe.

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