An Easy Introduction To The 1inch Exchange & Its Functions

As the number of decentralized exchanges is increasing, investors have begun to consider a difference in the value of certain assets on each exchange. The value of an asset can be little but the impact it has is good if you are trading the coin actively. So in this article, we will discuss one similar exchange. Let us have a look at the 1inch exchange and how it works

The 1inch is a protocol that is aiming to solve this problem by ensuring that the traders receive the best possible price.

As the name suggests DEX which implies Decentralized Exchanges are the digital currency exchange platform that does not need a third party to operate or govern them. Any user can trade on these channels as the traders are just required to connect their wallets with that platform.

So 1inch is an accumulator that scans DEXs and it is possible that the user may not have heard about this platform if they are beginners in this sector. 1inch focuses on providing the best rates by evaluating the most effective swapping ways across all leading decentralized exchanges.

As per the official website of 1Inch, their token (1INCH) allows protocol governance, enabling the shakers of 1INCH to vote for and then get rewarded. The token is applied on varied capacities in the two prevailing protocols and will be available in taxonomies of all the latest protocols.

What Is 1Inch Exchange?

Primarily, a 1inch exchange is a DEX aggregator. This implies that it scrapes some decentralized exchanges for the lowest price and navigates its users between them to ensure and try that they are receiving the best value. According to reports, 1inch asserts to have over 50 varied sources of liquidity as of 2021. These 50 liquidity sources were offered on Ethereum, 8 on Polygon, and 20 on Binance Smart Chain. The list of decentralized exchanges that it draws have the preferences of 0x, Uniswap exchange, and Balancer, along with the native liquidity protocol of 1inch that was before known as Mooniswap. There is also a 1inch exchange app download option that can be downloaded by the users.

How Does 1inch Exchange Operate?

Let us assume a user wishes to purchase some of the wrapped Bitcoins by using Ethereum on a DEX. When they look at various DEX they will find that the prices vary and also the fees. The algorithm of 1inch finds the lowest and the cheapest way to place the trade by availing all varied exchanges and liquidity protocols that can navigate this trade.

The cheapest way to conduct this trade may entail swapping your Ether among several varied protocols and for several varied digital currencies before it reaches wrapped Bitcoin. The advantage of doing it this way is that it may imply that the user can purchase wrapped Bitcoin at a cheaper price. 1inch also offers 1inch wallets for their users to store digital currency.

What Is A 1INCH Token?

On 2020’s Christmas Day, 1inch launched their own digital currency, the 1INCH crypto. It is termed as a “governance token” which implies that the user can use it for voting on the way the platform is operated. 1inch termed this “instant governance”.

Back then, 1inch distributed a lot of these tokens in an airdrop during the end of 2020. You could claim this token by offering money to 1inch’s own liquidity protocol, or if you have availed it before December 24, 2020.

The primary way to earn this token is by offering liquidity to the liquidity platform of 1inch. This includes the process of staking digital currencies that can be used by people while placing a trade. Other digital currencies can also be earned in this way. This token can also be traded on the 1inch exchange. 

Pros And Cons Of 1Inch Exchange

Here we include briefly the strength and weaknesses of a 1inch exchange and on what grounds you should and should not consider this exchange. This will act as a short 1inch exchange review


  • 1inch Exchange has had no hacking incidents or security breaches.
  • The working interface has been designed to be very user friendly.
  • This Exchange takes no deposit, trading, or withdrawal charges.
  • It ensures excellent rates and high liquidity by summing DEX order books, while also restricting the number of transaction fees.
  • CHI Gas Tokens can decrease the cost of transactions even further.
  • Along with that, the 1inch Liquidity Protocol enables for yield farming.


  • This exchange does not support fiat currency usage.
  • Even though this exchange is very user friendly, beginners may find it difficult initially to get a grasp of this exchange.
  • In the future, the “Infinity Unlock” can be a threat. While it does save on time and transaction fees, unlocking every transaction differently would have been safer.

The Future

The future of a 1inch exchange depends on the future of DeFi. DEXs are still costly, relatively insignificant, and slow compared to the powerful centralized exchanges like Binance. But with centralized exchanges that are going through repeated bouts of fall during the time of digital currency fluctuations, the appetite for DEX is increasing and the aggregators like 1inch is there to bring up the game.

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