Can You Buy Goods With Bitcoin? Here Is The Answer

From real estate to vehicles and now from food to clothing. You can now buy goods with Bitcoin and that too very easily and conveniently. You may wonder, the purpose of Bitcoin is to make transactions easier then why so much of heck.

Even though Bitcoin the world’s first digital currency was designed as a currency but now it is being used as an investment option. A few years back as well this did not get mass adoption like it is getting today. So with the evolution of digital currencies like Bitcoin, the selling industry has also started to evolve. They have started to accept digital currency as a payment method. So in this article, we will be seeing how you can buy goods with Bitcoin. 

BTC is typically considered as an instrument for investment by the investors which is often termed as digital gold. While there are many investors who see Bitcoin as a store of value, it is also receiving popularity globally as a method of payment.

When Bitcoin was declared as a legal tender by El Salvador, many users proudly took to social media to show the Starbucks and McDonalds items that they bought with Bitcoin. But buy goods with Bitcoin is not restricted within El Salvador. Throughout the globe, consumers can avail of Bitcoin to buy any item from clothes to food, to even private jets.

Recently a piece of news spread like fire that Amazon may accept crypto like Bitcoin. If this happens, then the crypto world will witness a major revolution as Amazon is among the largest e-commerce companies in the world. But that has not been confirmed yet. So if you are wondering whether to buy Bitcoin Amazon then you will need to keep your thoughts on hold for some time.

Benefits Of Bitcoin As A Method Of Payment

There are several benefits of Bitcoin as a method of payment. If you wish to buy goods with Bitcoin, then you should know these benefits as well.

  • The capacity to carry out P2P payments without consent from any external authority.
  • No processing or banking charges.
  • Fast transactions with low fees.
  • It is available to anyone residing anywhere with an internet connection and an electronic device.
  • Bitcoin transactions are decentralized. Personal data is not needed to fulfill a transaction.

Want To Buy Goods With Bitcoin?

You may wonder, can I use Bitcoin to buy things? Famous brands such as McDonald’s have begun to accept Bitcoin payments from their customers, and the chances are rapidly increasing. A question may arise, who accepts Bitcoin as a payment? Presently there are many companies that are doing so. So what can you buy with Bitcoin 2021? Here is a list of just a few of the goods and services that enable payments in BTC. To your question of what can you buy with Bitcoin in India the same list applies. 

Real Estate

Purchasing real estate properties with digital currency may be unusual, but the first-ever real estate sale using Bitcoin happened in 2017 in Essex, United Kingdom. Over the last few years, the real estate sector has drastically increased its acceptance of digital currency payments. Swiss consulting firm Bithome adopted BTC payments for varied properties throughout Europe, America, and Asia.

The platforms that are region-specific like Partners and Caliber accept digital currency payments to purchase mansions in Spain. Real estate company WeWork and Online marketplace Mercado Libre have come together to accept payments in crypto for their services or products.


While Tesla has provisionally suspended payments in Bitcoin, it isn’t the only fish in the ocean. Car dealership companies like AutoCoinCars and BitCars enable the users to purchase luxury cars with Bitcoin, which include Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, and Koenigsegg.

The holders of Bitcoin can also purchase vehicles like motorhomes, off-road UTVs, and classic cars. Especially, electric car manufacturer Karma Automotive said that it would start to accept Bitcoin payments at its original dealership situated in Newport Beach for the latest EVs.


Consumers can also purchase clothes with cryptocurrencies. MtSocks, which is a socks company, enables customers to purchase socks with Bitcoin. SUMOR Par elle, again a Dutch clothing and accessory company, accepts payments in Bitcoin for their products like shoes and bags. So not only vehicles or real estate, there are many cool things to buy with Bitcoin as well.

Food and Beverages

In 2010, a crypto holder paid 10,000 BTC to a user for buying 2 pizzas. Today, Pizza Hut in Venezuela accepts BTC, ETH, and other digital currency payments.

Just Eat, which is a food delivery app that is based in France, accepts payments in BTC  for the delivery of food from over 15,000 restaurants. Food and drink franchises like Starbucks Corp., McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut Inc. have started to accept crypto payments in El Salvador after the nation had legalized Bitcoin payments.

Domain Names

If you want to buy goods with Bitcoin you can do that, but other than that BTC can also be used as a method of payment to purchase domain names for your website. Platforms like Monovm, Namecheap, and Domains 4 Bitcoins accept BTC payments from their users which means you can buy products with Bitcoin. Some of them provide top-level domains (TLDs) to their customers who do the payment in cryptocurrency, and others provide premium domains immediately via the website.

Private servers, web hosting, and virtual spaces can also be bought using BTC from varied platforms like Clouvider, Server Room, Crypto holders can purchase blockchain domains like .crypto through the Unstoppable Domains. Once users buy these domains, they need not renew them at regular intervals.

The Bottom Line

There are many companies that have begun to use Bitcoin as a method of payment in varied parts of the globe. While it might take BTC payments to become the mainstream in all sectors, it is just the starting. But still, if you wish to buy goods with Bitcoin there are many stores and companies that offer this facility of purchasing things with Bitcoin.

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