OTC Trading Crypto

OTC Trading Crypto: An Easy Guide For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

OTC or Over-The-Counter trading with respect to Bitcoin and crypto, are private deals for selling or purchasing. Because these transactions are done on normal exchanges, there is no public order book. This offers raised privacy for both purchaser and seller. Let us learn more about OTC trading crypto. 

OTC trading is a process of trading that takes place beyond traditional exchanges like the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). In OTC trading crypto, two parties accept to trade directly among each other, without the requirement for any third party. 

This form of trading is often done by big institutions like hedge funds and investment banks who might trade in big volumes and wish to avoid the fees included with traditional exchanges. OTC trading can also be performed by individuals. They can look for crypto OTC trading platform legit ones for their trading.  

What Is OTC Trading Crypto?

OTC trading crypto is trading over the counter with digital currency as the defining asset. There are various platforms that provide this service and it has become highly famous in recent years. It is a way of trading virtual assets without utilizing a traditional exchange. Crypto OTC trading can also be performed by individuals who might trade in big amounts and wish to ignore the charges that are associated with the traditional exchanges. The best OTC crypto exchange is Coinbase

OTC Brokers: Who Are They?

There are various platforms that provide this service and it is now quite popular among crypto enthusiasts. The most ideal way to do OTC trading crypto is via a broker. An OTC cryptocurrency broker as well all know is an intermediary that links two parties who wish to trade with each other. The job of the broker is to find users who aim to purchase what you are selling and sell what you are purchasing, and then implement the trade on your behalf. Some OTC brokers only deal with digital currency, while others may provide a spectrum of assets that include bonds, stocks, and commodities. 

Things To Search For While Searching Broker For OTC Trading Crypto

When one chooses an OTC broker, it is crucial to consider factors such as fees, payment methods, reputation, and security. 


Search for a broker that has been in the industry for several years with good records of trading. You can read reviews on the internet and ask others to get an idea about the person you are trusting your money with. 


Make sure you know about the fees that you will be charged. In these cases, the industry charge is almost the same. There are some brokers who may charge a flat fee for each trade, while other brokers may take a percentage of the total value. 

Payment Method

Most of the OTC brokers approve fiat currency and there are few who even accept the digital currency. Some firms may only accept either one. So make sure you choose a broker that accepts the form of payment that you wish to pay. 


Security is crucial when it is about dealing with money. Make sure your broker has enacted enough security steps like a 2FA and also a hardware wallet for storing the cryptos. 

How To Do OTC Trading Crypto?

OTC trading crypto can be performed via the help of a broker or directly among two parties. If you are going to take the help of a broker the procedure is comparatively easy. First, you are required to find a broker that caters to all the criteria that we have stated above. Once you have found a broker, you are required to create an account and then deposit funds. Once your account is successfully funded, you can place orders to sell or purchase cryptocurrency. The broker will after that find someone to match your order and implement the trade. 

If you are planning to trade directly with any other party, the process is slightly more complex. You will be required to find someone who wishes to trade with you and agree on a value. Once you have found a trader and have accepted a price, you will be required to set up a hardware wallet (preferably) so that you can receive or send the digital currency. Once the trade is finished, the digital currency will be sent to your crypto wallet. 

OTC trading can be an easy way of trading digital currency, mainly if you are trading large amounts. It can also be more inexpensive in comparison to using a traditional exchange, as there are no charges included with OTC trading. 

How Much Money Do You Need To Start OTC Trading Crypto?

“Is there a required amount for OTC?” and “Am I going to be rejected for wanting to start crypto OTC trading if I don’t have enough capital?” These are several common questions from the latest entrants in the market.

As per CoinTelegraph, there is OTC desk crypto that only enables transactions greater than 20 BTC and others who need their investors to trade the equal of at least $250,000 or even more. However, for some smaller trades, you will only require 10 Bitcoins to begin OTC trading crypto.

Advantages Of OTC Trading Crypto

OTC trading crypto has numerous advantages. These benefits include:

Avoiding Charges

As stated above, one of the primary advantages of OTC trading is that it ignores the charges that are included with the traditional exchange. When you are trading in large volumes, these charges can add up quickly. Choose a good OTC trading app after reading the crypto OTC trading platform review. 

Greater Privacy

Another benefit of OTC trading is that it provides greater privacy in comparison to traditional exchanges. This is because the information of trade is not disclosed as it is on traditional exchanges. 

Higher Liquidity

OTC trading exchanges often have greater liquidity in comparison to traditional exchanges, as they are able to match purchasers and sellers more conveniently. This can be advantageous for traders who wish to purchase or sell big volumes quickly.

Disadvantages Of OTC Trading Crypto

If you are planning to engage in OTC trading crypto, it is crucial to do your research and select a reputable exchange because OTC trading does arrive with several risks.

  • The most evident risk is counterparty risk, which is the risk that the other party associated with the trade may not fulfill their obligations. For instance, if you are purchasing digital currency from another party, there is a risk that they might not send you the digital currency after the payment is complete. 
  • The next risk is considering the risk of liquidity, which is the risk that the user will not be able to find a purchaser or seller when you wish to trade. This is a tension when you are trading in big volumes as it can be harder to find someone aiming to trade with you. 
  • Finally, there are also chances of fraud. This is always an issue when trading online, as there are several scammers aiming to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. 


OTC trading crypto has numerous advantages, that include avoiding charges, higher liquidity, and greater privacy. However, it is crucial to be aware of the risks associated, like liquidity risk, counterparty risk, and the risk of fraud.

If you are thinking of associating in OTC trading, it is crucial to do your research and select a reputable exchange. You can also use escrow services to safeguard yourself from counterparty fraud and risk.

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