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AI Powered Crypto: This List Is Important For You

The cryptocurrency space is enjoying great attention for all the ideal reasons.  The number of investors who show an inclination toward digital currencies has always witnessed an upward shift. This is ideal proof of why digital currency investment is increasing with each passing day. And now with the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the crypto space is also undergoing massive change. With that, let us have a look at some of the AI powered cryptos that can be a good investment. 

AI Powered Crypto: Combined Value Of AI And Blockchain

A blockchain is an immutable and shared ledger that offers an immediate, shared and completely transparent exchange of encrypted data at the same time to various parties as they start and complete transactions. AI on the other hand leverages data, computers, and sometimes machines to replicate the decision making and problem solving abilities of the human mind. It also encompasses the sub area of deep learning and machine learning. Now let us see what combined values both these technologies bring. 


The digital records of blockchain provide insight into the structure behind AI and the source of data it is utilizing, addressing the challenge of illustrative AI. It allows to improve trust in the integrity of the data and by extension, in the suggestion that AI offers. Utilizing blockchains to distribute and store AI structures offers an audit trail, and combining AI with blockchain can improve data security. 


AI can comprehensively and rapidly read, evaluate, and correlate data at amazing speed, getting a new level of intelligence to the blockchain based businesses. By offering access to huge volumes of data from within and outside of the organization, blockchain allows AI scale to offer more actionable insights, model sharing, manage the usage of data, and formulate a transparent and trustworthy data economy. 


Automation, AI, and blockchain can bring in new values to the processes of business that span several parties, eliminating frictions, raising efficiency, and adding speed. In artificial intelligence crypto automation, for instance, AI models that are embedded in smart contracts implemented on a  blockchain can recommend expired items to execute, recall transactions like payments, re-orders, or stock purchases that are dependent on events and thresholds, solve disputes, and choose the most sustainable shipping procedure. 

Top 10 AI Powered Crypto

Digital currencies are luring almost everyone today. From avid investors to the next gen millennials, people are rushing to get a hold of digital currency. But did you know there are AI powered cryptos? Cryptocurrencies that revolve around artificial intelligence technology are ready to take the center stage in the coming days. So let us get into knowing more about the top AI cryptocurrencies without any further delay. 


This next-generation exchange is all you will require when it comes to intelligence and monitoring. This is because PARSIQ is popular for providing analytics equipment for blockchain technology through a plethora of sectors. A point to understand is that the token contract of PARSIQ was rolled out on Ethereum. It enables developers to assign resources to higher-utility aims within their organization. Also if you are looking for the best AI cryptocurrency 2022, then you can choose this. 


Covalent has recently created headlines for the primary reason that it holds the potential to aggregate data from across dozens of sources that include chains, nodes, and data feed. Well, that is not all, the Covalent API further sources end-users with individualized data by the wallet.


This was established in the year 2017. It received recognition as an AI (artificial intelligence) lab creating a permissionless, open, decentralized machine learning network with a digital currency economy. What is intriguing to note is that democratizes the availability of Artificial Intelligence technology with a permissionless network. This is among our favorite AI crypto projects. 


This is yet another AI powered crypto that enables users to conveniently “create, share, and monetize” AI services. Along with SingularityNET in place, users can test, browse, and buy a huge variety of AI services utilizing the native utility token of the platform that is AGIX.

Vectorspace AI

Thinking how this came into being? Well, it began in the Life Sciences department of LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory). This enables convenient and quick testing of hypotheses and operating experiments with higher throughput.


Aion is probably among the ideal tokens to depend on when it comes to accessing and securing. The OAN (Open Application Network). Intriguing enough, it is a public network that is available to everyone. With Aion in place, consumers can now implement smart contracts, store information, and share it between various networks.


Dock boasts of an integrated payment and standalone blockchain and incentivization token that in turn creates the way for interoperability and seamless adoption. It tries at solving universal issues with prevailing data and how it is shared, captured, and controlled.

Davinci Coin (DAC)

This is one digital currency that functions on the Ethereum platform and fuels an industry-first hybrid asset transfer escrow service that safeguards NFT purchasers and crypto investors from fraud and human error.


It is widely identified as a decentralized mechanism that aims at artificial intelligence. Bottos, which is a consensus-based, easy-to-develop, and the scalable platform that provides AI models, storage capabilities, and computing power via smart contracts and data mining. 


What is definitely worth stating is a fact that Evai harnesses machine learning and AI to offer unbiased crypto-asset ratings at These ratings offer short-term trading ratings, while a future upgrade will identify long-term fundamental value for every crypto asset.

Wrapping Up

So, here is our list of top 10 AI powered cryptos, you have already seen their aim and you know that they are operating at the best of their infrastructure and are creating the way for the future smart society. But before you make any investment, we always recommend you to do your own research.

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