List Of The Best Cryptocurrency Funding Companies For 2021

Cryptocurrencies are highly disrupting the financial and traditional banking system. Investment and trading in digital currencies have increased in recent times. The total cryptocurrency market valuation is reaching $2 trillion that can be bigger than the total market cap of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Despite the recent decrease in Bitcoin, big financial firms like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, PayPal, etc. are highly inclined in investing in digital currency exchanges. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs became the first important US banks to offer their clients direct access to Bitcoin. Because of the popularity venture firms are trying their hands on cryptocurrency funding. 

This cryptocurrency funding was possible only because of the blockchain technology. The popularity of this technology has attracted many investors of crypto and the venture funds into the market of digital currency. Due to the popularity that cryptocurrency has received so far, blockchain technology is moving beyond digital currency to the real world. Therefore many financial institutions and the venture firms are aiming to put their hands on cryptocurrency funding. 

Top Cryptocurrency Funding 2021

The companies are flooding their capital in the form of cryptocurrency funding. This cryptocurrency grant program enables the companies to improve their services and gives them more power to carry out new things. Here is a list of top cryptocurrency fundings for 2021. 


  • Amount raised: US$100 million
  • Transaction type: Series E
  • Key investor(s): Coatue

A digital currency data provider known as “Chainalysis” has issued $100 million in a Series E round of funding that pushed its complete valuation to $4.2 billion. The current round of funding was conducted by Coatue and the new investors include Singapore sovereign wealth Altimeter, GIC, SVB Capital, and Blackstone. The company made an announcement that the capital will be utilized to deepen its information advantage to be able to cover more digital currencies and focus more on the emerging use cases like DeFi, and the launch of a global intelligence function. 


  • Amount raised: US$10 million
  • Transaction type: Not disclosed
  • Key investor(s): Standard Crypto

Instadapp, a Hyderabad, India-based cryptocurrency funding startup that has secured a funding of $10 million in a round conducted by Standard Crypto along with DeFi Alliance, Yearn Founder Andre Cronje, and Longhash Ventures. According to the company the funds will be utilized to complete its transaction in the middle layers of DeFi. Along with that, it will also support the ecosystem project that is being built by Instadapp on the top of its protocol. 


  • Amount raised: US$24 million
  • Transaction type: Series A
  • Key investor(s): Anthemis and Underscore VC

Digital currency research and data firm Kaiko has saved $24 million in the funding session of Series A that was led by Anthemis and Underscore VC. This company is based in Paris and is planning to invest in cryptocurrency funding in building data infrastructure that allows the operation of the traditional and the digital finance sector. 


  • Amount raised: US$7.5 million
  • Transaction type: Series A
  • Key investor(s): Target Global

Mercuryo was successful in raising $7.5 million in the Series A funding conducted by Target Global, which is an International Venture Capital Firm. This startup that is based in London specializes in creating cross border payment networks. Mercuryo will utilize the raised capital to launch a crypto debit card where the consumers will be able to spend directly from the balance they have in crypto. 


  • Amount raised: US$314 million
  • Transaction type: Not disclosed
  • Key investor(s): Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital

Solana which is a startup in blockchain has secured a funding of $314 million that was held by Andreessen Horowitz, which is one of the well known venture capital of the silicon valley. They have launched a blockchain network that, according to the supporters, is faster and more energy efficient than bitcoin or Ethereum

Other Cryptocurrency Companies Funded In 2021

Other than the top ones mentioned above there are more blockchain companies that were funded by many venture firms. Let us know their names in short. 

  • Rarible: Funding amount $14 million and funded by CoinFund
  • Amber Group: Funding amounts to $100 million and is funded by Investment Bank China Renaissance. 
  • Bitwise: Funding amount $70 million and funded by Henry Kravis, Stanley Druckenmiller, Davic McCormick


With the popularity of crypto and blockchain technology, blockchain found its way beyond cryptocurrency and for that reason, many venture firms and investors are trying to involve themselves with cryptocurrency funding. This sector of finance has a lot more potential to achieve in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Cryptocurrency Funding

1. Who funded cryptocurrency?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, funded the first ever cryptocurrency in the world.

2. How does Cryptocurrency make money?

Some of the ways to make money from cryptocurrency include master node cryptocurrencies, staking cryptocurrencies, airdrops, dividend-paying exchange coins, and forks and buybacks.

3. Which companies are investing in Cryptocurrency?

Top Crypto Bets includes Visa Inc, Mastercard Incorporated, Microsoft Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, and PayPal Holdings, Inc.

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