Crypto Portfolio Trackers

Crypto Portfolio Trackers: Your Investment Tracking Is Made Easy

Crypto portfolio trackers enable you to track the complete value and amount of your digital currencies across all wallets, platforms, exchanges, and blockchains in real time.  These apps allow you to track historic transactions, destination or source, or their worth. They also offer the real live price of any digital currencies they support. Some of them support trading assets held on various exchanges but on one exchange. 

This article will offer you a list of some of the best crypto portfolio trackers for all exchanges, whether iOS or Android mobile, PC based or Web-based. 

Top 5 Crypto Portfolio Trackers

An active digital currency trader cannot do anything without the help of a crypto portfolio tracker. Not if they wish to be successful at investing or trading. So without any further delay, let us start with this article. 


Our first choice is Shrimpy, a highly-famous and effective crypto portfolio tracker that allows you to track numerous crypto assets. It supports connecting more than 30 crypto wallets and exchanges, covering the most used platforms in the industry. 

Shrimpy has various advanced features, offering users with the ideal tools for trading and tracking. For example, its Universal Exchange Interface allows you to comprehensively see your whole crypto portfolio from one user-friendly dashboard. Along with that, it supports active portfolio management,  trade automation, and trade execution.

One feature that distinguishes Shrimpy from other cryptocurrency asset management exchanges is its portfolio backtesting service. You can utilize it for backtesting a trading approach using up to 5 years of historical market data. Shrimpy assembles this data individually from each exchange with precise bid-ask data to help you idealize your strategy.

This digital currency portfolio tracker attracts both expert and newbie traders. Above all, it adapts inexperienced or passive users with crypto indexing approaches doing most of the work for them. The platform allows the user to link and track your crypto assets across cold storage, hot wallets, and exchange accounts.

Shrimpy is also among the most affordable tracking elements on the market, with its Starter package available for only $15 each month. Alternatively, you can choose for the comprehensive Enterprise package at $299 each month if you wish a more customizable, hands-on strategy


CoinStats is another famous cryptocurrency portfolio tracker offering users with more command over their digital assets. This exchange provides daily crypto news, multi-platform compatibility, and in-depth analytics, across mobile and desktop devices. For instance, you can use it to monitor your crypto portfolio on iOS, Mac, Android, and PC, but also on Apple TV, Google Chrome, and iWatch.

At the present time, CoinStats tracks more than $100 billion worth of digital currencies across 100 million trades and transactions on exchanges, wallets, and many more. Also, it oversees the growth of more than 8,000 digital currencies, 26 exchanges, and 34 cryptocurrency wallets. This extensive attainment has helped it attract over 1 million users globally.

Some of the best features of CoinStats include heat maps evaluating loss and profit-making companies, analytics on top platforms, and insights on the most profitable and loss-inducing cryptos. Along with that, the platform allows you to track the evolution of every asset you hold or the whole portfolio.

CoinStats holds API Keys on an AWS Vault service different from the personal information of the user, thus improving privacy data protection. You can utilize the platform for free via the Basic package. However, its characteristics are limited and only support over 1,000 transactions. Contrarily, the Premium package supports 1 million transactions and it is available for $4.33 each month billed annually.


CoinGecko is among the biggest and most famous digital currency data aggregators. This exchange allows users to formulate and customize portfolios, adding DeFi (Decentralized Finance) tokens and liquidity pools. Moreover, it enables you to cover all types of approaches, that include risky, long-term HODL, conservative, DeFi, low-cap gems, high-risk positions, and many more.

CoinGecko provides real-time price data on more than 13,000 coins and is available on mobile and desktop devices. Its automation tool allows you to input several transactions to clearly evaluate the result. Also, it arrives with a free API option to add to your blog or website for live asset tracking.

One of the top features of this platform is the CoinGecko Beam, which enhances transparency on blockchain ventures. You can utilize this feature to follow and get updates on new tokens and their developments.

The CoinGecko Trust Score enables you to measure liquidity on various trading pairs and on crypto platforms. This service offers a bird’s eye view of general liquidity, the scale of functions, and API coverage.

Lastly, CoinGecko is free for usage, and most of its features arrive at no cost. Newbies can conveniently track their crypto portfolios without even paying a cent. However, you can choose for the Premium subscription for an advanced, and also crypto expert-friendly experience.


CoinMarketCap is another famous digital currency data aggregator with potential portfolio tracking. This platform is the same as CoinGecko, even though it has a few characteristics that set it apart from the market competition. For instance, it supports manual transaction entries even in small quantities. Like the instance above, CoinMarketCap provides most of its features for free, along with a handful of advanced tools that are available for a premium service fee.

You can employ CoinMarketCap to track your present portfolio gains, balance, and losses with support for tens of thousands of digital currency assets. The platform enables you to add the cryptos you own together with comprehensive data on purchases, trades, sales, and many more. Also, it updates price data 24/7 and also 365 days a year to offer you with a real-time overview of asset values obtained from more than 300 crypto exchanges.


The last name in our top and free crypto portfolio trackers is Pionex, which is a bot-based crypto trading platform along with competitive features. Its leading crypto trading bots support countless beginner traders making the initial step in the sector without needing expertise. This initiating support and several earning chances have helped it receive its present popularity.

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange featuring an in-built trading bot enabling you to purchase or sell crypto assets based on high tracking data. In fact, the exchange has 18 native trading bots, each with its own features that you can select for programmable crypto trading.


This tutorial discussed the top crypto portfolio trackers in the industry and satisfies advanced and also beginner users. We have listed tools people can use separately to track assets along with ordinary trading platforms and crypto portfolio tracker apps. We have also discussed about the exchanges on which the traders can handle both holdings and assets and trade them at the same time without requiring extra trading applications.

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