Crypto Success Stories

Crypto Success Stories: Amazing Narratives That Will Inspire You

Crypto might be new to our ears, but it has remained in this world for a while now and it has been a hugely successful sector. So today in this article, we will talk about the top 5 crypto success stories that have taken place in this industry all this while. 

Just to be clear, while the below mentioned narratives are great success stories, there is no assurance that investing in digital currencies will offer you a windfall in cash. Similar to every investment that people do, there is also an element of risk that is associated. Having said that, let us begin with the 5 most interesting crypto success stories of all time. 

5 Most Interesting Crypto Success Stories Of All Time

Today, we are going to share some incredible crypto success stories that are great instances of how to make money on digital currency and turn into a crypto millionaire. So without any further delay, let us begin. Other than the ones stated below, you will get various crypto mining success stories as well that have taken place. So what are we waiting for? Let us start with crypto millionaire stories. 

1. “I Bought A Bentley” – Javed Khan

The investment success of Javed Khan started by an accident. In 2018, when the value of Bitcoin was nearly $3,000, he was using Bitcoin as a way to transfer money as it was convenient in comparison to using a bank. But whenever he left BTC sitting in his wallet, the value would increase. He saw a chance. 

Whenever the price of Bitcoin decreased and it was quiet, we would purchase more Bitcoin. “When nobody’s talking about bitcoin, there are no headlines, that’s a good time to buy.” He was cautious not to extend himself, only investing the money that he could afford to lose. In 2020, he cashed in the profits that he earned all this while and bought a Bentley. This is indeed among the best crypto stories. 

2. “I Quit My Job And Left On A Round-The-World Trip” — Mr. Smith, Anonymous Software Engineer.

In our list of top crypto success stories, this is one of the most inspiring ones. After completing college in 2008, Mr. Smith started to work at a typical big technology company in Silicon Valley. He had good terms with his “equally geeky” colleagues. He invested $3000 in 2010. With the value of Bitcoin only US 15 cents at that time, that implied he had nearly 20,000 BTCs. He said, 

“I knew from the very start that I was playing the long game. I wanted to see how high it could go.”

Mr. Smith had almost forgotten about this investment of his 3 years later when it came up on the news. With the value increasing by 10% or more each day, he sold 2,000 coins when the value hit $350. When the value hit $800, after a few days, he sold another 2,000 coins. He had already received $2.3 million. He said, 

“I quit my job and left on a round-the-world trip.”

Presently, he spends his time traveling the world in luxury. He flies first class and stays at 5-star restaurants where he loves to enjoy elite chef made meals for every meal. In the 30 days prior he was interviewed, he had visited New York City, Las Vegas, Monaco, Singapore, Moscow, back to Zurich, New York City,  and Hong Kong. His net worth is likely somewhere between a hundred million dollars and a billion dollars.

3. “Bitcoin helped me buy my house” — Daniel Crocker, business owner

In 2012, Daniel Crocker was finishing an apprenticeship at an IT firm. Every lunchtime, he would talk with his colleagues about side hustles to earn some extra money. When the topic of crypto, primarily BTC came up, he planned to give it a go and make a small investment.

He then held those cryptos for 8 years as their value increased and increased. Last year, he sold some enough for half the investment on his house. 

“I do know people who have gone in deep but I think I’ve been lucky enough already.”

4. “It’s part of my pension plan.” — Heather Delaney, business professional

“I put in £5 at the very beginning and I’ve built it slowly and steadily over time.” 

She is planning to continue increasing her investment, as Heather is part of a growing cohort who are buying BTC and other digital currencies as part of their retirement plan. While the final success of her investment will be seen at the time she retires, she is already up more than 500%. And as BTC is a long-term investment, the rapid value alterations don’t phase her.

“I know loads of people who have done exciting things with their investments, but for me, it’s part of my pension plan.”

5. “He can’t wipe the smile off his face.” — Terry Proud, retiree

In mid-2017 when the price of Bitcoin was nearly only $3,000, retiree Terry Proud sold a part of his superannuation investments to purchase digital currency. Terry is part of an evolving number of Australians who are investing in cryptos via Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs).

The Bottom Line

Digital currency can be a new phenomenon, but one has to agree that this new phenomenon has changed the world to a great extent. There are many people who have been changed by crypto and this article talked about that. We have mentioned the top 5 crypto success stories across the globe that inspire us to invest in crypto.

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