10 Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels To Make Your Crypto Journey Easy

Any potential crypto subscriber who wishes to receive interesting news, token sales, reviews may find the channels are groups that are crypto oriented and beneficial. That is the reason so many users of Telegram are now looking out for good groups or channels that offer relevant information while also filtering the scammers out. In this article we will be discussing the best cryptocurrency Telegram channels presently active.

How Do Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels Operate?

Any of these groups are just rooms for chatting where the group members can write anything that they wish to on the relevant topics. You can even ask your questions regarding the same or post answers to questions that are known to you. This is one of the biggest advantages of working in any group, you can identify crypto investors quickly and start to discuss the benefits of your business. There are many verified crypto traders in Telegram. The crypto Telegram groups are often used to keep the users up to date on the latest developments in the market of digital currency. However, be aware of frauds, such projects can be checked by the administrators on a regular basis, so always be aware.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Telegram Channels Of 2021

2020 witnessed a crypto community being set up in the Telegram network. Ever since then, the Telegram network has been an important avenue for accessing datas related to the market, latest updates on the crypto space, token sales, and many more.

With all the features like encrypted chats, anonymity, Telegram has become one of the major platforms for crypto users who want to stay in touch with the crypto community by being anonymous. It developed in such a pace that, presently millions of crypto enthusiasts are using the Telegram application for serving their purpose.

These cryptocurrency Telegram channels are used frequently to keep the member informed about latest developments in the crypto industry. You can also find job postings along with information on the insiders. Let us have a look at the top 10 cryptocurrency Telegram channels for 2021. 


This is the largest channel having more than 55,100 subscribers. This group consists of members who are focused on cryptocurrency and economics. Each morning they start with a newsletter covering all the latest news and then they post educational and analytical articles for the crypto enthusiasts. These articles are ideal for all with every level of expertise throughout the day. The user can also discuss topics that interest them in their mining, trading, general chats, and DeFi. 

Minter Network

This is the crypto channel of the renowned reddit group named “WallStreetBets”. This group adopted an unique approach and formulated a Telegram server for the users who are interested in pumping the value of digital currencies. In simple terms, their community of more than 300,000 members buy a digital currency collectively at a particular time causing the value to rise to 1200% giving high profits for its members. 

ICO Speaks

The biggest and greatest reviews, airdrops, and signals related to digital currencies can be found here. If you want to stay updated with the latest news on blockchain, this is the ultimate and the best place for you to visit. And this is a free crypto signals telegram group. Keep this group unmuted to keep a track on the sale of tokens. There are members who may also request consultancy and marketing services for the latest launched projects. As stated previously, you can send messages to these groups any time you want. 

ICO Listing

This is another group that is crypto-focused in nature, but this time it is not completely focused on the breaking news of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many more. Every member is welcomed to create posts regarding the project that has been mentioned, highlighting all the advantages of his or her proposal. Then the project will be discussed by other members only if it is genuinely interesting. Your work is to pay attention in the discussion and then if you are truly interested then you can invest. You can contact a member directly if his or her account is available for conversation. 


It is not the most famous English speaking digital currency website employs its channel to share links of its articles like news, ads, and reviews, but it also expands the feeds by posting funny GIFs and polls. It has a total of 53,700 subscribers in their cryptocurrency telegram channel. 


This is a telegram channel where you will find a complete overview of the most crucial digital currency events that takes place around the globe in a brief. This channel has nearly 30,500 subscribers in total. 


This is the official Telegram channel of This channel mainly contains short news and announcements in the order of “pic—title—link”. But there are times when the members can find some long articles published for their reading. This channel has a total of 19,200 subscribers. 


This is the official Telegram channel of They mainly deal with reviews of exchanges, coins, and many more. They have nearly 17,100 subscribers. Their reviews are much more detailed compared to other websites in the market. They rarely introduce new features. 

ICO Invest

This is a channel of the investment manager Alexander Muhanchikov. This crypto channel on Telegram deals with ICO. This channel offers a truly unique design of ICO and the ways to invest in them. This channel offers complete details of all the dates of ICO and the reviews as well. They have a total of 16,900 subscribers in their channel. 

Adviser Crypto News

Check out the Telegram channel of Russian Presidential Adviser on Internet Development, German Klimenko, for the latest information on the blockchain industry in mainly Russia. The author in this channel highlights the news of crypto with his exceptional humor. They have 5,400 subscribers.


From 2020, the use of Telegram will increase to a great extent. People have identified its scope of more than just a chatting platform and since then people have started to use it full fledgedly. Telegram is now being used in many sectors from entertainment industry to  educational sphere, and the crypto industry is no exception. There are many cryptocurrency Telegram channels that are running successfully on this platform. In the above section we have discussed all those top Telegram groups on cryptocurrency. Other than the ones that are mentioned above, there are Bitcoin Telegram group UK, Bitcoin Telegram group US, and many more.

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