CryptoGT Review: The Best Trading Platform For All

This article will deal with a very important topic, CryptoGT review. So let us get into this article, without any further delay. 

Choosing a trustworthy digital currency trading platform stays among the biggest challenges that are faced by the crypto traders all over the globe. Even though there are some renowned crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. They are famous for the functions and features that they offer. But other than that there are many crypto exchanges that are available in the market and CryptoGT is among them. 

CryptoGT Review: An Overview

CryptoGT is a somewhat new player in respect to the online trading that supports digital currencies as it was established 4 years ago in 2017. The type of performance model that is followed by this broker is STP and no dealing desk. The official website of this exchange claims that the entity which functions CryptoGT is known as Hatio Ltd which is registered in the Republic of Marshall Islands. 

Further research reveals that there are some limitations on CryptoGT that are on the jurisdictional levels also since the trading platform does not allow clients from the EU nations, US, Canada, and North Korea. Even though CryptoGT supports not only crypto but also precious metals, forex, indices, and many more through its platform for some reason only digital currencies are accepted as deposits presently. Presently CryptoGT has some social presence as stated before, the platform is in this industry for just 4 years. 

Trading experience

Having a look at their official website and the way it is created, it is evident to see that CryptoGT highlights a user-friendly interface. The informative dimension of their website enables it to easily write this CryptoGT review. CryptoGT provides only one form of trading account which is standard and is not quite flexible to impress varied kinds of online crypto traders. The minimum deposit that is allowed by this exchange is $5 with a maximum leverage of 1:500.

Funds Security 

For this CryptoGT review, it is vital to state its security features. Any trading channel would be termed useless if it fails to offer basic security of the funds that the users have used as an investment in times of requirement. By fund security, we imply full protection of the total reserves and capital. CryptoGT makes sure that its clients do not have to take any tension about their funds. This specific broker keeps client funds in secure financial institutions but does not disclose names. Segregation of funds is also retained so that the funds of the company are not mixed with the reserves of the client. Certain risk management options such as protection of negative balance are also accessible for clients of the CryptoGT platform.

Supported Financial Instruments

Even though the name CryptoGT trading exchange portrays that this trading platform is inclined only to digital currencies, the truth is slightly varied. CryptoGT mainly aims at digital currency offerings and characteristics but it supports various financial instruments like indices, foreign exchange currencies, and precious metals as well with the help of the favorite trading platform of the industry, MetaTrader 5.

KYC Norms at CryptoGT

KYC regulations have become important at this time when money launderers, hackers, and terrorist financing have taken the crypto-verse by rage. Every other day the latest exchange gets hacked and loses all of its reserves of the client due to a scarcity of security features and KYC standards. For this purpose, CryptoGT has a strict AML and KYC structure that clients must abide by if their withdrawal amount surpasses $5,000. Several documents would be required of that particular client before their withdrawal request is granted. 

The Bottom Line

Finding the ideal crypto trading platform is a great deal nowadays, as one cannot judge properly which is a safer option. But here we have done a CryptoGT review that will rightly illustrate its security and the convenience of using it. It is an exchange that is highly secure and offers numerous features for traders. This 4 year old exchange is still promoting its brand and is a sure win in the coming days.

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