10+ Best Crypto News Websites For Understanding This Space Better

There are many people who receive their news on crypto by just searching on the internet and reading from the first news that pops in. But other than that there are many good options that are available for better results. In this article, we will have a look at the top crypto news websites that will offer you the finest results and news of all time. 

10+ Popular Crypto News Websites Of 2021

Which is the best crypto news website? This is a query that many crypto enthusiasts have. There is an exponential growth of the crypto market and it looks like there is always something innovative to know about crypto. 

With so many websites that are reporting on this area, it can be hard to know where you can spend your time and learn skills. Let us explore some of the well known crypto news websites that will also include some of the newbies that are doing a great job. Here is the crypto news website list. 


CoinDesk is among the best crypto news platforms that release breaking news on the industry, offer in-depth analysis on the same, and also give its users company profiles. They also offer an app that provides exclusive content to its subscribers. On this website, you can see the volatility in price and which coins have a higher rate of fluctuations. If you wish for the latest coverage on everything that is occurring in this arena, then CoinDesk should be at the prime site on your list. 


CoinMarketCap is certainly the best crypto news website that can offer you with a wealth of data. They have graphs and charts that track the values for various digital currencies across varied exchanges. The site updates on a regular basis; hence it is always updated. This website is ideal if you are looking for important data in real-time. This website on crypto can also be used as an ICO tracker where the users will find token sale information from upcoming projects or the ones that have been completed recently. 

The website offers in-depth insights on how many tokens were sold at each period and what portion was raised completely. 


CoinTelegraph is a journal that specializes in blockchain and crypto topics. They release guides, breaking crypto news, expert opinion articles on the recent projects, along with curated articles from their own team of reporters. This website is ideal for anyone that wishes to receive a good overview of the arena. Its interface is well arranged, and it is the perfect place to begin your research on crypto. CoinTelegraph has a digital currency tracker that displays preset values for coins, along with their 24-hour change. The site also offers detailed data on how each token is working against ETH or BTC pairs. It is a great resource if you want all of the latest information about crypto projects in one place.


NewsBTC offers BTC news, market forecasts, and technical analysis for altcoins and Bitcoins. The site has been existing since October 2013. The site began to educate readers about BTC and its possible impacts on the traditional financial system but has evolved to include a complete range of digital media coverage of crowdfunding, altcoins news, regulatory news, and the convergence of innovations like the IoT, blockchain, AI and many more.


If you wish to understand what is happening at all times and do not have time for digging over varied sources of data, then CCN might be the ideal place for you. They are dedicated to offering their readers precise and timely reporting of everything that is occurring in the crypto arena.

CCN has many popular features that include breaking headlines coming from around the globe, an enterprise part where they publish exclusive news from entities that operate globally who use blockchain technology or Bitcoin, and many more. 


Starting in 2017, CryptoSlate offers news, data, and analysis to support the digital currency community. The site offers real-time values and data for thousands of cryptos and provides localized data and news to 26 varied regions the site terms blockchain hubs. CryptoSlate also keeps a large directory of crypto-related products, companies, and people.


Functioning since 2013, Bitcoinist attains 2 million readers every month and provides countless insights via its coverage of digital currency, Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology. The site offers everything from technical analysis, business news, and coverage of community events.


99Bitcoins is among the largest vaults of non-technical data about altcoins and Bitcoin. The site provides guides, reviews, tutorials, and videos about digital currency and its related topics. 99Bitcoins offers its readers reviews of exchanges, wallets, and various other products that are related to crypto. It also has led to mining various cryptos.


If you are searching for the best crypto news website, then you cannot avoid NewsBTC. This is a website that specializes in blockchain and Bitcoin news related content which is the perfect mix for any crypto enthusiast. 

This website releases articles with data about mining, trading, ICOs, along with other news associated with this space. They also have classy interviews where they speak about various topics like regulations or upcoming projects from industry experts. 


Coinspace is a website that shows the latest occurrences in the crypto space. While it provides great content on varied topics, its primary focus is on the latest ICOs along with cryptocurrency mining and trading.

If you are searching to learn more about digital currencies then this site will offer all of the data that you require that starts from articles by experts who have been making crypto investments for many years to tips that are written specifically for novices for just getting started with the blockchain technology.


Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is the website for anyone who wishes to read up on crypto news and industry trends. They screen all types of topics that include trading, ICOs, and mining. They have everything you require if you are interested in cryptos. 

Crypto Venture News

Another great website that is gaining exposure recently is Crypto Venture News. It is a website that is completely dedicated to cryptocurrency and deals with all the topics of the crypto and the blockchain space. It offers news on crypto scams, preventive measures, and guides for all the beginners. 

The Bottom Line

In the bottom line, this list of the best crypto news websites should be the first thing for you to bookmark if you wish to stay updated with all the latest occurrences in this industry. Whether it is regarding the latest ICOs, changes in regulations, or emerging trends these sites will offer you everything that is taking place within this sector. 

Something worth noting here is that there is no website that is better than the rest. It is all about preference and what you are searching for when you are reading crypto news.

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