Trust Wallet Review

Trust Wallet Review: Is The Crypto Wallet Reliable?

Owing to various past hacks and data breaches, most crypto exchanges have strengthened their security. Despite this security step, it is important and always safe to store the cryptocurrency holdings in a separate wallet that is trustworthy. You can either choose to use a hardware wallet, also called cold storage, or a software wallet (hot wallet). In this article, we will review the various aspects of the Trust Wallet offering you the best Trust Wallet review. At the end of the article, you will be able to decide if this wallet suits your requirement.

What Is Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet can be stated to be an open-source, decentralized as well as a mobile crypto wallet. This is probably one of the best cryptocurrency wallets suitable for both investors and new users. It supports over 160K+ crypto assets and blockchains. It permits traders to stake their digital currencies in a bid to earn interest. Originally, the wallet was created to hold the ERC-20 and the ERC223 tokens only. But, currently, it has been developed to hold various other leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

The decentralized crypto wallet possesses a built-in Web3 browser that permits the users to buy cryptocurrencies of their choice via the native DEX. The native decentralized exchange or DEX operates on the Kyber Network. It also offers the users an opportunity to access the various DApps or Decentralized Applications. The DApps are built on the Ethereum (ETH) platform directly with the help of the Trust Wallet app.

You can go ahead and download the Trust wallet absolutely free from either Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS). The application runs on Android 5.0 or higher versions and iOS 10.0 or higher versions.

Prominent Features Of Trust Wallet

The following are the most important core features of the Trust Wallet. Thus, it is the most crucial part of the Trust Wallet review.

  1. Easy User Interface
  2. Free To Download
  3. Funds Safety With New Techniques
  4. Refrains From Storing Users’ Personal Information On its Servers
  5. Non-KYC Crypto Wallet
  6. Permits Staking Coins
  7. In-built Charts Available
  8. Partnered With Binance
  9. Supports Easy Backup
  10.  Supports A Wide Variety Of Cryptocurrencies

Trust Wallet Review: Benefits & Downsides

Below is a list of pros and cons that the users are required to consider when they are going through the Trust Wallet review:


  • Free and easy to use
  • Stores a wide range of crypto coins
  • Permits staking and earning passively on multiple digital assets
  • Users can retain control of their private keys as these keys are not stored in the servers of the wallet.
  • Possess compatibility with both Android and iOS.


  • It is not as secure as hardware wallets or cold storage.


Based on our Trust Wallet review, we do not find any reasons to disqualify the wallet as a reliable one. The wallet has been praised a lot by various groups of online reviewers. Most of them like to call it a multi-crypto wallet having no complaints.

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