Why ETH Price Expects Hitting $3.5K In The Coming Weeks?

Ethereum or ETH price has been range bound and neutral since the crash on May 19. Due to its centralization, ETH along with other altcoins like Litecoin (LTC) have introduced a huge interaction with Bitcoin price. Such a hike in the interaction indicated that the investors are depending on flagship digital currencies to act and are hesitant about the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin price is currently at $171.15. Let us have a look at the Ethereum news. 

ETH Price Eyes 60% Bull Rally

Ethereum price 2021, assembled a demand zone as it rallied around 15% from $2,524 to $2,890 between the time of June 1 and June 3. But this area of increased valuation was soon brought down as the sellers pushed ETH price on June 8 that converted it into a supply zone. 

The recent try to rift past its resistance barrier failed as MRI (Momentum Reversal Indicator) highlighted a sell signal in red “one” candlestick form. This technical arrangement shows a one-to-four correction of candlestick which highly suggests the ETH is primed for decrease. 

So, if the activity of selling continues, ETH price USD could revisit the 50% Fibonacci level of retracement at $2,230 or $2,178.

Such a step will give the buyers a chance to heal and come back stronger. The last time ETH was valued at $2,178, it increased 32%. However, this year around the same time, investors can expect a 60% bull rally to $3,500.

For this to be successful, the ETH price needs to correctly produce a critical 4-hour candlestick close just above the upper boundary of the supply zone at $2,668. Doing so will enable the smart contract token to increase toward the range high at $2,914 and then examine the supply zone that boosts from $3,438 to $3,569.

The main reason for Ethereum price USD to witness a potential hike in buying pressure is in the correlation chart of ETH-BTC. It is seen that, over the past six months, ETH has witnessed cycles where it gets highly associated with BTC and then dims this relationship.

From January 21 to February 2, the association dropped by 108% to -0.08 while the price of Ethereum rose by 33% from $1,200 to $1,600.

Analogous decreases in correlation were seen three times over the past six months, with the most crucial decline seen between April 20 to May 15, during the time when the value of Ethereum rallied by 60% from $2,500 to $4,000.

Adding credence to this bullish look is the average fees on the Ethereum blockchain, which has decreased from $55.62 on April 19 to $2.94 today. As a result, the investors who were inclined less to participate in the summer due to DeFi’s high fees will now have the chance to explore more. 

So, this 94% crash in the valuation reveals that the network has less traffic and implies that new capital will rotate into the ETH ecosystem, thereby increasing the price of Ethereum. 

Moreover, there is a potential bottom formation in Market Value to Realized Value Z-score for Bitcoin. The fundamental index is used to assess Glassnode outlines when Bitcoin is undervalued or overvalued relative to its “fair value.”

Lastly, the basics of Ethereum are strong as ever, especially with the transitioning of blockchain to ETH 2.0 via the London hard fork, which will provide the much-awaited EIP-1559 that will push Ethereum’s report as an investment asset higher.

If we do an Ethereum price prediction 2025, ETH price will rise to $2,000 within the year of 2025 and $5,000 in 2030. But these are the predicted prices and we know Ethereum price prediction can never be 100% correct as they are highly fluctuating in nature. Currently Ethereum price in India is 1 ETH = Rs.1,78,482.86. 

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