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IMPT Crypto Project: Just A Green ‘Token’ Now, What’s Next?

The crypto domain witnesses new entrants every now and then. The already dynamic sector becomes much more unpredictable when such things happen. Also, the fact that almost every minute a new crypto is talked about or created cannot be ignored. Some such projects are interesting and promising at the same time. Therefore, people should know about it. This is why this article will focus on the IMPT crypto project, which is fairly new in the domain as its token presale is still going on.

What Is The IMPT Crypto Project All About?

Well, the IMPT crypto project is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint that is being generated through the crypto space. The IMPT crypto is an upcoming digital currency that is ‘green’ in nature. The official website for this venture notes that people can:

“Become a part of a large ecosystem that connects socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Based on the blockchain, our platform empowers you to buy, sell, or retire carbon credits while avoiding double counting and fraud.”

The social responsibility that the IMPT Network has undertaken is indeed commendable. Also, they have promised to provide IMPT users with varied incentives for their effort to reduce carbon footprint. The organization has been operating on the concept of sustainable crypto, which should be an important point to be noted. Therefore, it is one of the most promising crypto ventures that have been existing in recent times. Along similar lines, Denis Creighton, the CEO of, noted that:

“We are developing to help businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint through an efficient, secure, and transparent ecosystem of products. Our goal is to offer an easy solution for everyone who wants to contribute to sustainable development.”

How To Buy IMPT Crypto Token

Since the token presale is going on right currently, it is essential to know how to buy IMPT crypto tokens. This might be one of the great investment opportunities that you could harness. This is why here is an easy guide on how to buy IMPT crypto tokens. The steps have been noted below.

  • First, you need to have a MetaMask wallet installed on the browser that you are using so that you can connect your wallet to the IMPT server.
  • In case you are using a mobile phone to make the purchase then you need to use the Trust Wallet and connect to the in-built browser and link it to IMPT. (You need to copy this link and paste it into the Trust Wallet Browser.
  • After the wallet is connected, you can make your desired amount of purchase using three options that have been noted below.

Buy ETH With Card

You can buy Ethereum (ETH) with a card first and then swap it for IMPT. For this, you can choose to use the Transak widget so that you can purchase ETH with your card and then convert it into IMPT tokens. The official website for the IMPT crypto project recommends that you should buy at least $30 worth of ETH to be able to cover the expenses to purchase IMPT including the gas fees.


If one has enough ETH in their wallet, then one can consider using them directly to acquire IMPT tokens. ETH can be swapped into IMPT tokens easily. You need to first type in the amount of IMPT that you want to get. Then you need to click on the “Convert ETH” button. The wallet provider will then approve and confirm the transaction. The gas fees will be noted there that you need to bear.


If one has enough Tether (USDT) in their wallet, then one can consider using them directly to acquire IMPT tokens. USDT can be swapped into IMPT tokens conveniently. You need to first type in the amount of IMPT that you want to get. Then you need to click on the “Convert ETH” button. The wallet service provider will then approve and confirm the transaction. The gas fees will be mentioned there that you need to bear.

IMPT Token Presale Details

IMPT crypto project’s token presale has been live since September this year. The IMPT token presale had a phase 1 target of a sell out to be achieved within October 3, 2022. However, it could not attain the set target. But they mentioned that the sellout should be achieved latest by November 25, 2022. The Phase 1 IMPT token price was $0.018 and at the time of writing they could sell about $402.28 million tokens. The Phase 2 date was mentioned to be December 1, 2022, or when Phase 1 is sold out. The IMPT token price was then to be raised as the website mentioned. Therefore, the IMPT token price for the second phase was set at $0.023.

Token Use Cases

The several ways in which IMPT crypto project tokens can be used have been noted below.

[Note: This information has been sourced from the official IMPT whitepaper.]

  1. Payments in the platform: The main use of the IMPT token is as the currency in the carbon marketplace. Every service offered within the carbon marketplace will be charged using the IMPT token. Users will be able to purchase NFT carbon credits and different products from various affiliates on the platform.
  2. Unlocking advanced features: Users who hold IMPT tokens will be able to unlock additional premium services on the platform. They will gain access to trading opportunities and special series of NFT collectibles.
  3. Discounts on fees: When using IMPT tokens on the shopping platform you will receive more sale margin in each of your purchases.
  4. Participation in DAO: The project will gradually move from its original structure to a fully decentralized one. Users will be able to participate in governance voting in the future as part of an upcoming DAO, allowing them to build the future of the platform.

User Rewards By IMPT

IMPT Crypto Process

As mentioned earlier, the IMPT ecosystem is aimed at rewarding its users for reducing their carbon footprint. The IMPT whitepaper mentions the entire process to earn rewards after occurring these tokens. It stated this noting:

“To reward users who will be contributing to reducing carbon emissions, we envision introducing other unique NFTs created by artists, which users can receive after burning their carbon credit token. These tokens will have shared ownership between the user who burned the carbon credit tokens and the artist who created the design for the collectible NFTs. In the future, the user can also choose whether to keep the token or sell it to other users on the marketplace.”

Therefore, through this crypto venture, you can also acquire an opportunity to acquire NFT investments without having to think about them much. However, the rewards would only start processing after the token actually converts into a coin after the presale phases end and the required amount of money is raised.

The Closure

The IMPT crypto project is one of the ventures in the digital currency domain that you should definitely research more about. Also, the project is seeming to be promising as the founders are aiming for sustainability and therefore, we should support that. Hopefully, the IMPT token presale might continue till the end of this year. So, if you want to consider this as an investment opportunity you still have some time left. Also, in a world where sustainable options are not given that much preference, you can actually change the concept.

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