Calvaria ICO

Calvaria ICO: Another Gaming Crypto Is Coming Soon

Calvaria ICO is one of the upcoming Initial Coin Offerings that you should know about. Ones who love crypto and games together would love this one. It is another game-based cryptocurrency that might turn out to be an investment opportunity for you shortly. The Calvaria ICO will take place from November 10, 2022, that is, just three days later. Therefore, we thought to bring you the Calvaria ICO details that you should know.

Calvaria ICO Details

The Calvaria whitepaper mentions that:

“Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a card game in which players compete in tournaments using cards that represent different characters, each having their own unique sets of abilities. The player’s goal is to defeat opponents using complex strategies and tactics in order to get rewards and various upgrades.”

Talking about the cryptocurrency that it would be based on, the whitepaper noted:

“The main currency of the game is the $RIA token, which is the main component of the game’s entire economy. In addition to $RIA, within the ecosystem, there’s also the $eRIA (Earned RIA) token which rewards players through their play. $eRIA can be used within the game to level up cards and purchase in-game resources such as upgrades or unique cards in the form of NFT tokens.”

So, the ones who believe in the metaverse and NFT domain vans surely check out this upcoming ICO. Also, game lovers can give it a try as it might be one of the fun ways to earn while enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Calvaria Token Details

  • Calvaria Token Ticker: RIA
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Calvaria ICO Token Price: 1 RIA = 0.016 USD
  • Fundraising Target: $100,000
  • Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Tokens Available For Pre-Sale: 30%

This upcoming ICO will also see an IDO on the date the ICO will take place. The Calvaria IDO is scheduled to happen on BinStarter.

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