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Latest Crypto News On Chainlink, AAX, Telegram And More

In recent days, the cryptocurrency zone is flooded with some important occurrences that are important for crypto investors and enthusiasts to know. Considering the latest crypto news, the crypto market does not seem to be doing too well even if there are some good things happening now and then.

There has been a continuous filing of Chapter 11 – starting with FTX and now BlockFi. Coinbase crypto delisting is also a major event for the Coinbase wallet users and the users of those crypto tokens. The latest crypto news has a lot to offer to crypto investors and enthusiasts. Amidst the bad news, there is some good news as well like the Shiba Inu latest news states that SHIB has been listed by Bitcastle crypto exchange while 1.8 trillion SHIB has been moved by whale. 

Thus, missing out on them might keep you in losses. Here are the top three crypto incidents known today.

AAX Crypto Exchange Unlikely To Reopen Soon!

The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange has no hopes of resuming its services anytime soon. Ben Caselin, former vice president for global marketing and communications of AAX stated in his first interview that the firm is likely to end its operations and restructure. He also stated that he announced his resignation on the 28th of November 2022. He took to Twitter to announce his resignation.

The cryptocurrency exchange deleted its social media accounts and froze all of its services on the 13th of November following a malicious attack. The attack had left the company unable to verify its customer balances and permit withdrawals. The company had further added that resuming the withdrawals will put the cryptocurrency exchange at risk of capital deficiency.

Latest Crypto News: Chainlink Staking To Launch On December 6

On the 6th of December 2022, the Chainlink Staking v0.1 is about to go live on the Ethereum mainnet. Chainlink has taken to Twitter today and announced the launch.

The lock-up period for Chainlink Staking was decided to be 12-24 months depending on a “conservative release cycle.” However, after consulting with the community members as well as the node operators directly, the management has decided to alter the lock-up period to 9-12 months. 

Following the release of the next staking version, the users will be permitted to mitigate or unlock their staked LINK tokens and rewards. After unlocking their funds, the investors will possess no issues taking profits instantly or relocating the funds to the new staking version on the network, entering into another lock-up period. 

On the 6th of December, the users will be able to use Chainlink beta with the support of ETH/USD Data Feed on the Mainnet of Ether. The stakers will also earn rewards for aiding in securing the data feed by alerting users regarding any performance issues that might occur during the entire period of beta testing.

Telegram To Launch Its Crypto Exchange & Non-Custodial Wallet

Pavel Durov, the Telegram founder has announced that the social media messaging platform aims to launch a suite of decentralized cryptocurrency products. This includes a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a non-custodial wallet. The founder made the announcement on his official Telegram channel on Wednesday.

He mentioned through the latest crypto news,

“The blockchain industry was built on the promise of decentralization, but ended up being concentrated in the hands of a few who began to abuse their power.”

He further added,

“The solution is clear: blockchain-based projects should go back to their roots – decentralization. Cryptocurrency users should switch to trustless transactions and self-hosted wallets that don’t rely on any single third party.”

In talking about the new launch from the house of Telegram, Durov mentioned,

“Telegram’s next step is to build a set of decentralized tools, including non-custodial wallets and decentralized exchanges for millions of people to securely trade and store cryptocurrencies. This way we can fix the wrongs caused by excessive centralization, which let down hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency users.”

The Telegram founder is also looking forward to moving beyond the inefficiencies of the legacy platforms and centralization. He proclaimed in the latest crypto news that adding technologies such as TON possesses the potential to “offer the power back to the people”.

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