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Metamask Wallet Review: A Comprehensive & Easy Guide For You

Metamask is a digital currency wallet and also a browser Metamask extension. The platform is created to enable accessing the Dapp ecosystem of Ethereum as streamlined as possible. It is the most widely used Ethereum wallet in the space at this time, with more than 1 million active users. Today we will see a review of the Metamask wallet. 

Advantages Of Metamask Wallet

Metamask works as a link into the ERC-20 space. The wallet features an elegant interface for smooth action and ease of use. Keenly, the users can explore Dapps without operating a complete Ethereum node or client. This approach eliminates a serious technical hindrance to big scale adoption. So let us begin with this Metamask wallet review. 


Metamask is a big loyal community of developers and users who support the project and its aims are to simplify the interaction of Ethereum and Web 3.0. As a community boosted project, the open source code has encountered a prominent review. Along with that, the core developers update the system regularly to assure peak performance. Presently, the platform is on version 8.1.3.

Huge variety

MetaMask supports more than 16 top digital currencies. While this looks limited, MetaMask is really created for ERC-20 tokens. In this way, it can include any ERC-20 token. There are more than 200,000 ERC-20 tokens in the market presently.

These tokens create the largest sub-community in the crypto space. Consequently, the MetaMask wallet serves an important role in the space. Also, the job of ERC-20 tokens increased with the latest development of DeFi tokens

These next-generation platforms try to re-envision centralized systems into decentralized alternatives. Presently, DeFi is among the hottest sectors across the globe, and MetaMask supports the storage of these tokens.


MetaMask uses HD backup settings. This protocol automatically develops a hierarchical tree of keys from the seed. This strategy is safer in comparison to generating the seed directly.

User Protections

The developers of MetaMask wallet went to great heights to protect users. For instance, a big red warning is displayed when you get into a malicious website. Along with that, the network blocks your actions and saves you from losing tokens or coins to known scam or fraud sites.


Another strong characteristic of MetaMask is its aim at privacy. The decentralized nature of the platform implies that there are no requirements for KYC. Along with that, users can keep their location data safe as MetaMask supports encrypted traffic via a VPN. This integration strengthens the privacy dimension of the complete network.

Low Fees

MetaMask uses a minimum gas fee for each transaction. The platform has some of the lowest fees in the industry presently. Also, users can set their own fees if they wish to expedite their transactions. MetaMask users get access to some of the lowest DEX trade fees that are available. To attain this task, the protocol can aggregate the aggregators and DEXs directly.

Web Browser

The MetaMask web plug-in browser operates with JavaScript by injecting a web3 product into the page you are on. This strategy operates well as the web3 JavaScript software needs less permission to implement in comparison to other protocols.

Metamask Wallet: Overview

Now that the advantages of the Metamask wallet are clear to you, let us have a look at how it operates, and its other features. 


MetaMask is an Ethereum-based, non-custodial wallet. As a non-custodial channel, the users are responsible for keeping your private keys safe. MetaMask cannot access the user’s backup phrase as it is kept on the installed device directly. This strategy is more secure than not owning the keys, but the coins of the users are lost in limbo if they lose them.

Hardware Wallet Compatibility

MetaMask supports a good variety of hard wallet integrations. Particularly, the platform enables the user to use the Nano-S, Nano, Unplugged, HW.1, and KeepKey hardware wallets. Best of all, users can handle all their virtual assets, throughout multiple devices, directly from the MetaMask interface. 

In-Wallet Exchanges

MetaMask offers support for various in-wallet exchanges. The platform was released with support from one of the biggest and most popular swap exchanges, Shapeshift. On Oct 6, 2020, the wallet declared a strategic partnership with ConsenSys to bring in a Token Swap feature. This maneuver enabled users to trade on any decentralized exchange within the Ethereum space.

How To Get A Metamask Wallet?

MetaMask wallet is easy to get. You can download it from the website of the company for free. Metamask download is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Brave at this time. There is also a mobile version that is available. If you are wondering how to create Metamask wallet in Android then this part will help.

Once you install the software, the Dapp will initialize your wallet setup process. This will begin with the system that will display your seed phrase. It would help if you backed up your seed words. Nobody can avail your tokens if you lose this phrase, not even the developers of MetaMask. Once your MetaMask setup is done, you should be redirected to your newly formed Ethereum wallet. 


MetaMask wallet plays an important role in the Ethereum network. This wallet makes it convenient for developers to fund smart contracts. It also offers a safe alternative for the latest ERC-20 token investors. Given its present positioning and complete functionality, this crypto wallet is poised to retain its title as the best ERC-20 wallet for some time.

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