Monero Competitor Gains Over 400% Beating A ‘0’

This Monero Competitor Gains Over 400% Beating A ‘0’

The privacy cryptocurrency domain is relatively small with a greater amount of competition. After Firo (FIRO), it seems that another crypto is set to outpace Monero (XMR), the privacy token giant. The Monero competitor we are talking about skyrocketed by over 400% and even overtook a ‘zero’ in a matter of hours today. The suspense is daunting but worth the wait. Check out the later paragraphs for the information about the privacy crypto that aced the race.

Monero Price Today

The privacy crypto behemoth saw a ‘green’ price action today but could not surpass that of its acing competitor. XMR managed to increase by 3.75% and trade at $146.06 at the time of writing on Monday, July 18, 2022. The market valuation of the coin stood at $2.6 billion, up by 3.89%. However, another setback was that Monero’s 24-hour trade volume had decreased by a huge 27.62% and was at $84.51 million. But one positive thing is that even though the price gain could not outperform the other, XMR is still leading the sector with a value of over $145 currently.

It faced an earlier blow from Firo price gains that extended over 250% on Monday, July 15, 2022. Earlier, when the Firo price surge was recorded, XMR gained 8.39% and traded at $134.82 at press time. The market valuation of the token was at $2.4 billion, rising by 8.44%. In addition, XMR’s 24-hour trading volume had risen by 17.90% and stood at $105.59 million.

Such unprecedented competition signals have surely made it tough for the crypto to survive in the market. However, one positive thing is that experts are bullish about XMR’s performance in the future. The Monero price prediction rating is placed at $467.79 by the end of 2025, which is a relief for Monero enthusiasts.

The Ruling Monero Competitor

The wait is finally over, and the crypto we have been talking about all along is Swap (XWP), which ruled the privacy crypto sector today. The crypto defines itself as a privacy token aimed at serving the community with ecosystem fairness, robust privacy, a secure blockchain network, easier access, and complete transparency.

SWAP (XWP) 1D Graph

The Swap price surge was another blow to Monero. The XWP token gained over a whopping 250.26% and traded at $0.01879 at the time of reporting on Monday, July 18, 2022. The market capitalization of Swap stood at $291,211, up by a huge 250.35%. In addition, the 24-hour trade volume of the crypto surged by 118.70% to $298. Therefore, today’s XWP price performance is surely commendable.

Earlier today, after a bearish and stagnant session, the coin saw a sudden steep spike to $0.02607 from a  mere value of $0.005043, indicating a massive increase of 416%. However, the coin’s price action is fairly uncertain as it has seen several; steep rises and falls in the last 7 days. This Monero competitor also overtook the recent gains of Firo and set the standards high for the privacy crypto domain.

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