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Crypto Marketing Companies: 10 Best Companies To Consider Now

Those times are gone when releasing a crypto company you had no competition in the industry. The last few years have witnessed the increasing demands for digital currencies and hence various crypto companies are popping up around us. Because of this cutthroat competition, marketing has become an integral part of this industry as well. So with that respect, let us have a look at the top crypto marketing companies you rely on this year. 

A crypto marketing company specializes in bringing in traffic, formulating a trustworthy brand image, and enabling a crypto project visible. This article will help you in finding out the best crypto marketing companies for 2022. So without any further delay let us start with this article. 

What Are Crypto Marketing Companies?

The crypto marketing space is altering at a rapid pace. Venture capitalists are aiming at crypto startups for their investments as there is a tremendous growth potential in this niche. There are more than 10,000 cryptos in the industry demanding the attention of the buyers. The crypto market size globally was $1.49 billion in 2020, and it is likely to attain $4.94 billion by 2030. 

A crypto marketing agency and an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is any digital marketing firm that specializes in the promotion of blockchain. They help the crypto startups to receive the attention of the purchasers. They provide several services that include crypto SEO, social media marketing, press releases, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. The ideal mix of marketing and technical expertise is the foundation of a crypto agency. The crypto marketing agencies provide aggressive and intelligent marketing campaigns with evident communication and take the help of crypto influencers to help promote your ventures to receive the attention they should get. Now that you know the importance of digital marketing for crypto, let us have a look at the 10 best crypto marketing companies for you. 

Top 10 Crypto Marketing Companies

Thinking about which are the ideal crypto marketing agencies to promote your blockchain ventures? Here is a list of the top 10 crypto marketing companies to employ this year.


There are many who think this to be among the ideal crypto marketing agencies to rely on this year. CryptoPR which is based in London has been functioning for just 2 years now, but in this short span of time, this company has managed to work with 10 top crypto projects like Lucky Block and has developed to employ more than a hundred employees. 

After this company started to handle the marketing of Lucky Block, the gaming platform that is based on blockchain became the fastest to hit 1 billion market capitalization. 


Influencer marketing is among the ideal ways to bring eyeballs to your crypto venture and no other digital currency marketing agency performs influencer marketing better than Coinbound.

This company specializes in enabling crypto brands to go viral and they do so as they have a huge network of influencers on all leading channels like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Many of the Coinbounds users witnessed a follower growth of over 400 percent after they made Coinbound manage their Twitter account. This form of aggressive virality on social media is what enables this company to be popular.

Coinbound also provides PR services to its users and helps offer coverage for them via its contacts at big publishing houses. This is also among the best NFT marketing agency. 

Blockchain PR

If you are searching for promotional services to cater to your blockchain projects, digital currency, and ICO, then this company is a great choice for you to think about. This blockchain marketing agency is based in Silicon Valley and it offers unique marketing campaigns that allow its users to stand out. It is a famous name in the blockchain and fintech industry and has managed over 47 big clients like and NEM. 

BlockchainPR leaves no page unturned when it is about making its customers win the battle and helps them from the ideation stage to the outreach stage. 


TokenMinds is also a popular blockchain marketing agency. It functions with numerous companies within the crypto space. The company aims at the r=areas of PR marketing significantly, blockchain marketing, and community marketing as well. Along with that, this token marketing agency provides blockchain development services, token sale management, token development, WP creation, project marketing, IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), and also token listing. As of now, they have supported in the launching of 38 IEO at the time of which they raised $75 million from 220,000 investors. This entity was voted as the top IEO marketing company in 2019. 


If you are looking for cryptocurrency network marketing companies, you cannot miss Kaikoku. Kaikoku supports international firms to localize in Japan and form a strong and enduring community for brands, ICOs, firms, and projects. The company prides itself on being able to handle social media management. They help to manage the social media accounts of various brands.

Kaikoku usually helps a client to come up with various viral content that supports the spread of the word on a project. With their experience and expertise, they can help a company to succeed.

SICOS Agency

This is among those best crypto marketing companies that have the aim of being a one-stop solution for crowdfunding across Europe. They offer their clients with the advice they require at various levels of the ICO stage.

The entity helps to frame the ICO vehicle through competent global partners. They manage tokenomics, assure compliance with effective practices, link a project with strategic partners, and do much more.

SICOS is located in Luxembourg and helps businesses to structure a legally sound ICO instrument. To attain this, they use their highly competent global partners to evaluate the tokenomics of each project.


EMURGO is a global blockchain technology company that provides solutions to governments, enterprises, startups, and developers. They create solutions for companies, formulate developer tools, invest in startups, and allow the dissemination of blockchain education.

EMURGO is a popular brand in the blockchain and fintech sector and has a presence in more than six nations that including the US, Singapore, India, and Indonesia. So if you are looking for cheap crypto marketing, you can choose this. Along with helping to market blockchain-related ventures, EMURGO provides various crucial services like IT consulting services and also UI/UX development.

Blockchain Intelligence Group Agency

This is primarily a consulting firm that provides more than ground level advisory services. They keep themselves in the shoes of their consumers and align their aims with them.

The entity operates to unlock the complete potential of the investment in the blockchain project. Blockchain Intelligence Group attained its success because of professional and successful interactions with consumers. They have their own crypto marketing strategy that has proven to be quite effective in the crypto space. 

The entity has developed several tools, mixed with its team of experienced investigators. These vehicles are designed to assure that a firm mitigates any legal risks related to operating in the blockchain sector.

Yellow Mango Agency

The Yellow Mango Agency is a crypto marketing company that provides its consumers with professional services in marketing their services and products. They manage all dimensions of the marketing campaign to find out its completion. Moreover, the business will assemble data, which will help it to quantify the success of its efforts. 

Their primary areas of emphasis are digital consultancy services and also digital marketing. With the help of their assistance, consumers can release effective digital marketing campaigns that help them to increase their ROI on ad dollars. The team consists of experienced professionals from several industries. 

Awapal Solutions Agency

Awapal Solutions was formulated in 2012. It has attained a lot since then. The business uses unique technology to provide its digital marketing services. To provide their services, they include the latest in web and mobile tech.

Awapal Solutions do not specify in the blockchain sector generically. Despite this, any blockchain-based venture that requires professional services can avail of them. They provide various services that include consultancy services, where they mix business expertise with recent innovations to illustrate new business items and services.

Wrapping Up

The space of crypto marketing has changed prominently as the crypto entities are evolving like wildfire across the globe. Big venture capitalists and businesses are aiming their investments in various crypto startups thus it changes to be highly crucial for any cryptocurrency company to take the help of the various crypto marketing companies that can do the job of promoting their businesses best.

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