Rainmaker Crypto Game: How Easy Is This New Fantasy Game?

The previous year, India grew as the second biggest digital currency market by adaptation across the globe. With the motive to revolutionize the full experience, the Rainmaker crypto game was launched recently, to provide the crypto enthusiasts and crypto curious of India a completely unique and new trading experience.

This cryptocurrency fantasy gaming platform is based on the sole aim of democratizing knowledge for the interest of individuals in learning the nuances of this investment channel in a fun way. It provides a near to real experience by the process of gamifying trades and inviting users to understand analytical skills in the portfolio management of crypto. The platform also provides a relevant experience in the Stock market fantasy league India, depicting the original Stock Exchange in India. The Rainmaker crypto game is now available on Google Play Store and iTunes.

The Rainmaker’s Crypto fantasy gaming which is connected with the original global cryptocurrency exchange uses references and data from live events that are happening around the globe. Players in this game can safely make real trades in a fantasy like scenario. They are permitted to choose 20 varied paid and also free contest formats that the platform offers. It also offers the flexibility to leave the game when the player wishes to, enabling the users full in-game control to prevent profit/loss booking.

Emphasizing more on the idea behind this brilliant platform, CEO and Founder Harsh Himmatsingka said,

“While India’s love for cryptocurrency trading has outdone that of even the US and China, the knowledge around how to maximize one’s investment in crypto trading is still limited. With Rainmaker, it is not only the crypto literate that we hope to attract but also those who are unsure but are crypto curious, that we hope to arm with the knowledge needed to confidently become an actual crypto trader.”

He further added that,

“Even in stock trading, India is witnessing greater participation from a wider pool of individuals with young professionals rapidly joining the fray. Many of these are coming from tier II and III towns which is encouraging and a strong indicator of a growing investment and earnings mindset. With Rainmaker, we hope to further fuel this trajectory. And for the numerous gaming enthusiasts who are simply looking for high-octane fun, Rainmaker offers the right mix of adrenalin and know-how to create a fulfilling experience.”

Rainmaker is the flagship wing of First Stock Contest Limited, a tech startup that was founded in 2012 in the “Real Money Gaming” arena. This startup aims to create products that will reformulate the RMG sector along with its industry that is best in technology and design, and by building learning channels that are focused on gamification for the creation of wealth on a sustainable basis. This game is the first cryptocurrency-based gaming website in the country,

Rainmaker Crypto Game: More About The Company

Rainmaker is a legal and first fantasy stock exchange and digital currency gaming application that will cater to all sections of society. Rainmaker that is pioneered in India is based on one idea of spreading knowledge to all and bringing the trading enthusiasts from India and also around the globe together on one single platform. The Rainmaker crypto game application provides more than 20 types of contest gaming structures, and unlimited free contests for the players to practice.

The crypto Fantasy gaming of rainmaker is based on an easy and simple online fantasy investment gaming idea concerning the user taking references that is based on that information that is derived from live events, rewards, fluctuations, and analysis happening in the real-time Indian stock and global digital currency space using real-time information of exchanges.


The acceptance of digital currency in India has grown at a rapid pace and so there have been many new innovations revolving around this market. Recently the Rainmaker crypto game was launched in India. It is a crypto fantasy game where the users can trade being in a fantasy universe. They aim to educate the masses on the varied topics of digital currency. Now time will say how far can this technology go in the future.

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