Travala: An Easy And Effective Way To Spend Your Crypto

Even though the global Coronavirus pandemic has put a stop at traveling in 2020, the global tourism sector is recovering in 2021. When it comes to payments for your trips using digital currencies, there is a double advantage here: apart from the increasing percentage of adults who are vaccinated and can travel, the latest all-time high of popular digital currencies has renewed the interest of the public in the market. This results in a good amount of Travala which is a leading crypto booking company but it also provides great deals for its users. Here is some Travala news. 

People Have Started To Use Crypto With Travala

The travel company has witnessed a massive increase in revenue every year. It has gained almost 4900% growth in May 2021 when compared to the same month, a year before. Customers are actually choosing payments with digital currencies: 72% of all the bookings in the month of May were done via digital currency and among which 17% were done with the native token of Travala which is AVA. This allows Travala crypto AVA to be a preferred mode of payment that is followed by Binance Pay and Bitcoin. 

Presently Travala is the biggest booking agency by travel payments done with digital currencies. This company has partnered with more than 600 airlines and more than 2.2 million hotels through Expedia. As they provide all types of services including a luxurious stay in return for just crypto payments, there is no doubt that they are the first choice for all crypto enthusiasts. 

Why Travala?

The role of this company in the increasing popularity of digital currencies should not be ignored. They offer a lot of deals and discounts to the users when the user pays with AVA. So there is no reason to not like it. This is more prevalent for users with their “Smart Program” where they can get up to 10% savings on bookings, 5% off the listed prices, along with that the users also get another 5% loyalty reward once they have returned from the trip. The exact amount discount that the user receives depends on the smart level of the user which again depends on the amount of AVA tokens that the user has locked in their account. The minimum amount of AVA tokens that the user will require is 250 while the highest amount of AVA that can be kept by the user is 2500. The present Travala stock price is $2.99. 

Travala Binance together? Travala is backed up by Binance which is a leading digital currency exchange. The users can purchase the company’s tokens from Binance without any hassle. Along with that, users can now book more than 3,000,000 travel products through Binance Pay on the travel booking platform


Travala is a platform for accommodation and hotel booking, covering over 500,000 properties across the globe. It is said to be the “next generation online travel agency”. The one thing that sets this c company apart from others in the market is that Travala accepts cryptocurrency. By paying digital currencies, the users can book their trip and also earn rewards. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Travala

1. Is Travala a good investment?

If you are searching for digital currencies with good returns, and usefulness then AVA coins can be a profitable option for investment. Travala price equal to 2.99 USD at 2021-08-27. Based on Travala reviews and reports, a long-term rise is predicted, the price prediction for 2026-08-22 is 15.536 US Dollars.

2. Is Travala legit? is the dominating blockchain-based travel booking platform across the globe that was founded in 2017. This company is trusted by many customers globally as their preferred digital travel agency.

3. What is Travala?

It is a platform for accommodation and hotel booking, covering over 500,000 properties across the globe. It is said to be the “next-generation online travel agency”. The one thing that sets this company apart from others in the market is that the travel agency accepts cryptocurrency.

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