Trezor Model T Review

Trezor Model T Review: A Great Choice For Cryptos

Although several people believed that the digital currency bubble had burst once and for all during the end of 2017, time has gone on to illustrate that the blockchain technology truly is useful and valuable and the percentage of crypto savvy individuals just increased over the years. Along with that what increased is the crypto savings technology and in this Trezor Model T Review, we will have a look at one of the most advanced hardware wallets in the crypto space. 

Trezor Model T Overview

The term Trezor is derived from the Czeck language and implies “strongbox” or “safe”. It is the product enterprise constructed on the operations of SatoshiLabs, who are the inventors of pooled Bitcoin mining and also the deterministic wallet generation method (BIP39).

The first hardware wallet of Trezor was prototyped in 2012 and their initial product (the Trezor One) was released in 2014. The Model T, which is a higher-end device, was released in 2019.

By employing the HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) key creation and transfer protocol (BIP32), the Model T encourages storage of more than 1000 digital currencies. It is the successor to the Trezor One and broadens the interface and feature set of that device for a more luxurious experience. In the comparison between Trezor Model T vs Ledger Nano X, the variation in functionality and price between the Trezor One and Model T are fairly at par with those between the Ledger Nano S and Nano X.

Trezor Model T Review: Advantages And Disadvantages 

If you are accustomed to  the term crypto, then there are high chances that you have heard about Trezor wallet. This is a hardware wallet that safely keeps all your keys. It acts as a storage to all your digital currencies. In this Trezor Model T review, we will start by having a look at all of its advantages and disadvantages so that you can make your decision whether you want to buy it or not. 


Same as with my other digital currency wallet articles, we will start  this Trezor Model T review by talking about the primary positive dimensions of the wallet in question. Let us being with this Trezor Model T review. 

A Wide Range of Supported Cryptocurrency Assets

When you look for a wallet what is that one thing you look for? Is it security or usability? Well, along with all these there is one more important thing that you would probably want and that is the variation of crypto assets that it supports. As of writing the Trezor Model T review, there are presently nearly 7000 varied digital currencies and digital assets that are available for the user to check out and make investment in. 

Top Notch Security.

No matter which among the two Trezor wallets you are looking at, you will receive top notch security. Multiple Trezor Model T reviews of users that are available online will tell you that it is the only name for the safest crypto storage. 

The first thing is the Trezor firmware updates. Every time your trezor Model T is loaded up, your device will send a firmware verification request which will verify that your firmware is both official and no malware is inserted in it. 

Touchscreen Usability

One of the most significant aspects that have been mentioned in the user Trezor Model T reviews that brings out the issues of difference between the two models of the Trezor wallet is the fact that both are touchscreen, while the previous version has buttons to navigate the interface. This is a great feature as far as usability is concerned. 

Easy Process Of Set Up

If you have ever used any hardware wallet before, then you know that the complete set up process may take some time. In most scenarios, you will have to go through the process of back up, install, and then do the needed Trezor firmware updates, and only after that can you proceed with the real coin storage on your device. 

But Trezor Model T has really optimized the complete setup process, from when you open the box that has the device, up to the point where you can begin using it for real storage. One of the most-notable characteristics that prove this is the fact that you can actually set your own recovery phrase which is the 12-24 letter and number code employed to recover your cryptos if you lose your device or face any unwanted situation at any time that you see fit.


So – by this point, we have proved the fact that, even though both of the Trezor wallet variants are rather similar in how they operate, the Trezor T is of a superior design, which provides much better usability features, and is simply an updated version of Trezor One, in general. In the comparison between Trezor Model T vs Trezor One, Trezor One wins here. 

Having said all of the above statements, though, not all of the user Trezor Model T reviews are positive. There are some users that are not very satisfied with their purchase, for one purpose or another – we should have a look into these complaints, as well. 

Bulky Design

Some of the more-common user reviews of the Trezor Model T that are not all that happy with the device point out the bulkiness of the structure. Indeed, if you were to compare Trezor T (or even the Model One) with its primary competitor that is Ledger , Trezor truly does come off as being rather bulky.

We have actually heard this being stated by many users who have bought their Trezor devices, and kept on complaining how these products are much bulkier than they actually thought, and are far less-convenient to carry around in general. 

Along with that there are others as well who have issues with the concealment as well. Consider the previously mentioned ledger as well where the device looks like an USB flash drive and mixes into the background well. 

Trezor Model T Review: Price

This is the final point in our Trezor Model T review. So let us have a look at the Trezor Model T price. A single Trezor T device will cost you $214.81. You can also buy the bundle that is offered by the company. This bundle includes a Trezor One, Trezor Model T, and a Cryptosteel capsule. This bundle is known as the “Trezor Ultimate Pack”. 

The price of the Trezor Model T wallet is justified based on the features that it offers. And it is always advisable to use a hardware wallet, as hardware wallets in general offer more security compared to that of any software wallet. 


As stated above in the introductory part of this Trezor Model T review 2022, it is one of the leading companies when it comes to securing your digital currency storage. The Model T just goes to prove this even further as it is an amazing piece of hardware that offers its holder with the ideal crypto security features you could ask for in any hardware wallet.

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