Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges: The Global Platforms With Low Fees

Crypto trading can be accomplished in two ways. The first is to exchange one of your digital currencies for another one that you wish to keep or use. You can also use it for the purpose of making a profit. The second way is very speculative and the majority of the traders or investors will depend on the proven trading platforms or best cryptocurrency exchanges, strategies and tools to make profits.

The crypto traders also get to make a choice on either trading the raw crypto or the crypto derivatives or even the products. The cryptocurrency derivatives are those products that are derived from the cryptocurrencies and includes the Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs, Exchange Traded Notes and the Contracts For Difference.

Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges now make use of the blockchain technology that permits for decentralization order books and the decentralized storage. This is much more secure owing to the cryptography encryption techniques.

List Of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are over 300 crypto exchanges that specialize only in crypto and that do not include any apps or applications and platforms mixing the stocks and the other assets with trading of the cryptocurrencies. As per the data by CoinMarketCap, there exists over 5000 cryptocurrencies to trade. In this article, we will disclose all the best cryptocurrency exchanges that charge low fees while you are working with them. So without much waiting, let us get right in!

1. Pionex

Pionex is considered to be the first exchanges of the world in the crypto exchange list bearing 18 free trading bots. The users get ample opportunity to automate their trading round the clock without the requirement to check the market frequently. It aggregates the liquidity from the Binance exchange and the HuobiGlobal. This platform is also known to be one of the biggest Binance brokers.

It furnishes its users with a suite of crypto bots like the Grid Trading Bot, Smart Trade Bot, Trailing Sell Bot, Martingale Bot, Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot, Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Bot, Rebalancing Bot and more.

The platform supports manual trading using the crypto-to-crypto conversations. The crypto trading bots of this platform is an automated program performing the executions of buying and selling the orders without the manual inputs. The crypto bots perform this execution when the pre-defined and specific market conditions are fulfilled.


  • Pionex offers 18 free trading bots for the retail investors.
  • The trading fee is comparatively lower than the other related major exchanges.
  • The Grid Trading Bot permits the users to purchase low and sell high in a particular price range.
  • The leveraged Grid Bot offers up to 5x leverage.
  • The Spot Futures Arbitrage Bots aid the retail investors make some passive income at low risk. The estimated return for this strategy is 15~50% APR.
  • The Martingale Bot works on the DCA buy and the on-time sales for capturing fluctuations in the profit.
  • The Rebalancing Bot aids the traders to hold their coins.
  • The Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Bot sets the repeated purchasing at the regular intervals for offsetting the effects of volatility.
  • The Smart Trade Terminal permits the traders to set up stop loss, take the profits trailing in one trade.
  • The U.S. FinCEN’s Money Services Business (MBB) License approved.
  • The platform is a web based platform and can be accessed via all major web browsers.
  • It bears a completely customizable interface as well as the customizable time filters.
  • It offers features of the built-in live chats, TradingView charts, light & dark mode, and more.

Trading Fee:

The transaction fees are 0.05% for the maker and 0.05% for the taker. You will get all the information of the withdrawal fees on the website. 

2. CoinSmart

It is a Canada-based is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that offers 24*7 support. It possesses a comprehensive identity verification process that can easily detect the fake addresses or even a date of birth. It uses a database provided by the data collection agencies. The users receive cold storage for every cryptocurrency.

The platform also supports multiple funding methods such as SEPA, Wire Transfers, Interac, and all the cryptocurrencies. It credits the deposits to your account on the exact same date of receiving them.


  • The platform offers a two-factor authentication system.
  • CoinSmart provides the feature of the Advanced Trade that includes the functionalities of stop-loss, limiting orders, and real time charting for the experienced investors.
  • The platform offers an order book functionality for placing the customized orders.
  • The SmartTrade Feature will enable you to trade from one coin to another without any limitations of trading Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) first.
  • It possesses features that enable you to track all the trades or the trading activities.

Trading Fee:

0% fee for the Bank Draft and Bank Wire. Up to 6% fee is levied on the debit and credit cards. Just 1% fee is levied on the electronic funds transfer.

3. Binance

Binance is considered to be on the top 5 largest crypto exchange apps in terms of the trading volumes. The platform supports 150 cryptocurrencies including the most popular ones such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. It also has its own cryptocurrency known as the Binance Coin or BNB. The platform now works in Europe, the United States, Africa and Australia. The crypto exchange has reported that over 100 million people are currently using the platform this year.


  • The Binance platform supports over 100 cryptocurrencies for trading.
  • It offers 2FA or two-factor authentication.
  • It also permits the crypto traders wishing to use charting and indicators to trade their cryptocurrencies.
  • Dissimilar to the Bisq platform, it is not decentralized. This means that one will not possess complete control of the crypto wallet as they would not be in a position of the crypto wallet keys. These are generally kept by the company.
  • The platform is available in over 180 countries across the globe. It is banned in the United States.
  • The users can pay for their cryptocurrencies and also sell them utilizing diverse payment methods including the crypto, bank and the credit cards.

Trading Fee:

This needs to be noted that the charges vary from one VIP category to the other. The maker fee alo varies from 0.0750% to 0.0525% for the 30-day trading volumes of between 50 Bitcoin (BTC) and above or equal to 1500 BTC. The taker fee also varies from 0.075% to 0.0525% for 30-day trading volumes between below 50 BTC and over or equal to 1500 BTC.

4. Bybit

It is a smart and intuitive crypto trading platform that facilitates features and functionalities for the instant buying and selling of the crypto assets. The one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that offers real-time market data. Bybit possesses a track record of 99.9% availability even through the volatile market periods. The multilingual support in the platform is available round the clock. The platform has been built on the customer-centric values.


  • It is considered to offer the best in class market depth.
  • The powerful API ainds with conducting high frequency trading along with the lightning fast market updates.
  • It is a platform having features of a state of the art pricing system, 100K TPS matching engine, smart trading system and HD cold wallet.

Trading Fee:

You may refer to the below image for the fee structure. It is for Derivatives Trading. If you want to make Spot Trading, then you need to know that the maker fee rate is 0% and the taker fee rate is 0.1% for all the spot trading pairs.


5. PrimeXBT

The PrimeXBT trading platform is the best in class one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges platform bearing access to the global markets and round the clock support. With the help of this platform you can also earn by inviting your friends. You can receive 50% of the trading fees that the platform pays.

You can also opt for convesting as it is a pretty smarter way for trading where you can choose from the best performing traders and automatically copy their trading activity. You can also let the others follow your trades and earn extra money.

This is a platform for trading in the global financial markets with USD Tether (USDT), Bitcoin, USDC and more. With an account, you will be able to access over 50 markets for trading, stock indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities and much more.


  • The platform has won several international awards by offering the uperiot online trading services all over the world.
  • The platform allows access to a wide range of the markets.
  • PrimeXBT possesses low fees and offers faster order execution and advanced platform features.
  • It also offers advanced trading tools.

Trading Fee:

You are eligible to open a free account. The platform offers pretty attractive trading conditions as well as the competitive fees. Additionally, you can also check the trading conditions and open an account for the Convesting, Turbo and margin. For cryptocurrencies, the trade fee is 0.05%, 0.001% for Forex majors, 0.01% for Indices & Commodities, and more. 

6. FixedFloat

It is an easy and accessible exchange platform that offers the tools for making complete use of the digital assets. Based on your requirements, FixedFloat can offer a flexible tailored solution. The service also includes a dedicated customer support team. The solution also has a robust design that offers fast processing.


  • A variety of cryptocurrencies are supported by the platform such as Tether, Bitcoin, USD Coin and more.
  • The processing is completely automated.
  • The platform also supports cross-platform and exchanges digital assets with a lightning network.

Trading Fee:

For the fixed rate, you are required to pay 1% in addition to the network fee. For the float rate, you will have to pay 0.5% in addition to the network fee. There are no hidden charges.

7. ChangeNOW

It is the platform for the non custodial and limitless crypto exchange. The platform offers the service to exchange BTC to ETH , XMR, Ripple and more. With the help of this service, you are not required to create an account. The platform does not store any funds.

There will be over 170 coins that are available for exchange. The platform does not impose any limitations on the exchange and that it will enable you to exchange as much as you want. With the help of its fiat option, it supports the purchase of cryptocurrency with the help of MasterCard or Visa and also with the help of a third-party partner.


  • The platform supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies.
  • It offers a RealRates system that is comparatively safe and superfast.
  • The platform is absolutely safe offering non-custodial service and never stores your funds.
  • It facilitates the instant cryptocurrency exchange.

Trading Fee:

The transaction fee of ChangeNow is from 0.5% to 4%.

8. Cash App

The Cash App by Square is known to be a very popular iOS and Android app for the sending and receiving of peer-to-peer money in the US although it currently works for even more countries. The platform does not charge any money for sending or receiving through the debit cards and the bank accounts. However, a 3% charge has to be paid on the credit card payments and 1.5% for the bank instant deposits.

As of now, it performs as a cryptocurrency exchange permitting the users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies within the app. Currently the platform supports only Bitcoin, with a promise of supporting other digital currencies later on.


  • Cash App is peer-to-peer where you can transfer money directly from your wallet to the other users without any middlemen.
  • The platform offers a high transactional limit of $100,000 for BTC users.
  • Relatively low fee for the sending and receiving of funds via the banks.
  • The platform is easy to use.
  • The app might be costly for the credit card users.
  • Permits only BTC and no other cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Trading Fee:

If you are sending and receiving funds via the banks, then there is no fee levied. If you are paying through the credit cards, then you will be charged a 3% fee. The bank instant deposits are charged at 1.5%. 

9. Bisq

The Bisq cryptocurrency exchange is a mobile (Android & iOS) and desktop application that permits the users to buy and sell Bitcoins in the exchange for their local currencies in their native countries. It is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that works on a P2P or peer-to-peer basis as you can send and receive crypto directly from the people.

The users have to pay the trading fees in Bitcoin. In such a case, the makers or those placing the trades or orders of value 1 BTC on the platform have to pay 0.10% while those that are purchasing or taking the orders known as takers have to pay 0.70%.

The traders might also choose to pay in the native crypto coin of Bisq, the BSQ cryptocurrency where the traders have to pay 0.05% when they are placing an order as a makers bearing a value of 1BTC, while those individuals that are purchasing in BSQ have to pay 0.35% on the side of the taker.

The users are eligible for receiving a savings account if they possess a government issued ID, However, this is not necessary for the ones who are trading cryptocurrencies.


  • The platform is decentralized having no point of failure.
  • KYC is not mandatory for identification.
  • The platform offers a mobile version.
  • The users are permitted to pay in 26 different options.
  • The users will experience slowness in speed on some of the payment methods.
  • The transactional volumes are relatively low.

Trading Fee:

The makers have to pay 0.10% and the takers have to pay 0.70%.

10. Kraken

Kraken is based in the United States and has been operational since 2011. It is considered as the best crypto exchange in USA. The platform is available in 48 US states and 176 countries. This crypto exchange lists and supports 40 crypto coins and includes the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC).

Kraken is indeed one of the top 10 largest cryptocurrency exchanges by the daily market transactional volumes. The platform is considered to be safe for trading as it has never been hacked unlike Coinbase and Binance. The latter two are the two competitors of Kraken.


  • The platform is considered to be very secure to be traded on.
  • The fees are relatively lower, even lower than Coinbase.
  • The users are eligible to pay for their trades using Wire Transfer, MasterCard and bank cards amongst the various other options.
  • The platform supports 40 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Mobile app is available for the platform to trade on the go.
  • Various analytical tools are offered by the platform such as Coinbase making it easier for the crypto traders to use the app.
  • Copy trading or social trading is not available.
  • The daily maximum trading amount is $100,0000.

Trading Fee:

The maker fee usually varies from 0.16% to 0.10% for 30-day transactional volumes of between $0 and $500,000. The taker fee also varies from 0.26% to 0.20% for 30-day transactional volumes of between the same amount.

11. Bittrex

This platform supports the crypto-to-crypto trading and also lists the largest numbers of cryptocurrencies which is calculated over 190. The users of this one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges can use all of the cryptocurrencies for their trading. Bittrex is considered to be very secure and fast in executing the sales, although there is a little shortfall in the support system.

The Seattle-based cryptocurrency platform had started back in 2014 and the team behind the exchange possesses over half a century of experience in Amazon, Microsoft, Qualys, Blackberry and other companies. The cryptocurrency exchange bears a high 24-hour trading volume of $225,425,248. This makes it one of the highest or probably one of the top 15 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Along with the high level of security and quickness in executing trades, you will also benefit from the low fees. The best part is that there is a flat 0.25% fee rate on every trade. It probably has the simplest version of fee explanation that we cannot usually see for the cryptocurrency exchanges.


  • The fee policy is pretty simpler and clearer than most of the similar exchanges.
  • The platform supports a vast number of cryptocurrency pairs for trading on the platform.
  • The platform is safe to use and it requires very little information from the users for the verification purpose. The platform uses a service known as Jumio for the verification process that can verify 100 million people in 200 countries. All the users have to do is just identify by proving their names, date of birth and address.
  • The platform is available in most of the countries around the world.
  • Fiat trading is not available in the exchange.
  • The customer service history is not upto the mark. There are records of pump-and-dump scams.

Trading Fee:

The platform charges a flat fee rate of 0.25% for all the trades that you do on the Bittrex exchange.

12. Coinbase

Coinbase is considered to be the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. It was founded in 2012. The platform is completely regulated and licensed to operate in the United States in more than 40 territories and states. It is considered as the one that lowers the barriers of entry to crypto in the United States and several other countries.

The platform is easy to use and offers insured custodial services. It supports several cryptocurrencies. However, the Pro version of Coinbase permits the users to use charting and indicators for trading cryptocurrency for cheaper.


  • The platform supports several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.
  • The daily trading or liquidity volumes are pretty much high. This permits the people to easily find their trades or exchange cryptocurrency easily over several other crypto options.
  • The platform is not at all decentralized unlike most of the other similar platforms such as Bisq. This means that the crypto exchange does not possess the crypto wallets. Thus, the users are not able to control the custody of crypto and savings completely. This might be dangerous if there is a hack or unexpected closure.

Trading Fee:

Depending on the value of the dollar, the fee is charged between $0.99 and $2.99.

13. Swapzone

It is a cryptocurrency exchange for trading over 300 digital coins without the requirement of registration on the platform. This is really a good thing for all those who are looking for privacy in the trading of cryptocurrencies. This crypto exchange permits or instant swapping of the crypto tokens. It performs as a crypto exchange aggregator, thereby permitting the users to compare the crypto swapping opportunities across exchanges.

As soon as a trader finds an opportunity, he or she will be able to swap their coins in a single platform without having to leave it owing to the API used in the platform. The traders can also sort deals in terms of the best cryptocurrency exchange rates for easier comparison. The platform was founded back in 2020.


  • A user is not required to have a personal account.
  • The in-house exchange can be done with users without the requirement to leave the service for exchanging the cryptocurrencies.
  • The platform supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and digital coins for trading.
  • A 24/7 support team is available.
  • Simplified API integration is also made available on the platform.

Trading Fee:

As a cryptocurrency aggregator, you will be able to find rates on it. This might differ from one cryptocurrency exchange to another before trading. 


It is a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates the trading of various pairs of cryptocurrencies in over 100 countries by utilizing various payment methods including PayPal, Credit Card and Wire Transfer. The platform was founded back in 2016. The exchange started bearing a mission of making the purchase of Bitcoins smooth and frictionless for the non-experienced individuals and starters in the cryptocurrency sphere.

However, there is a specific drawback of this platform which is the high processing fee of 5% for all those individuals who use debit or credit cards for their payments. But the platform possesses a good trading volume of around 1000 BTC daily. The exchange also performs as a non-custodial.

As per the online reviews, the crypto exchange has already over 125 million transactions for 250,000 customers across 167 countries.


  • The debit or credit card processing fee is 5% which is usually the standard rate while most of the other popular crypto exchanges charge 3%.
  • The platform is non-custodial meaning that it does not offer any wallet service.
  • The exchange is beginner friendly. The registration process just consumes 2 minutes to complete.
  • The platform is available to over 167 countries for the buy and sell of crypto.
  • The orders are processed in 15 minutes. This is rather slow when compared to several other best cryptocurrency exchanges that process orders instantly. All those whose transactions are not processed within 15 minutes can conduct their next transactions without any fee.
  • The customer support is excellent where 24/7 live chat, email and phone support is available.
  • Instant verification is done where it just consumes a couple of minutes. The users are required to submit their driving licenses, national IDs, passports and selfies as a proof of living.
  • The exchange is regulated in Malta for buying and selling of crypto and KYC is mandatory for the customers.
  • The exchange does not have any mobile application although it has been planned. But the website is mobile responsive.

Trading Fee:

Flat 5% is charged as the credit or debit card processing fees. 


The platform was established back in 2013 in London where it permits the users to purchase and sell their digital crypto coins as well as withdraw their money via the bank accounts or VISA and several other credit and debit cards. A couple of other payment methods are available for all those who are buying crypto including Swift and cryptocurrencies. The platform is considered to be the best crypto exchange for day trading.

Those individuals who trade large volumes of the cryptocurrencies might get lucky with commissions. has reported that it possesses over 3 million registered users on its crypto trading platform. The platform can be considered safe and secure owing to the fact that it has never been hacked. The customers can also secure their account using 2FA or two-factor authentication. The platform possesses anti-hacker protection as well as multisig account protection.


  • offers 24/7 customer support via email, phone and live chat.
  • The exchange supports 99% of all countries in the world and 47 states in the United States.
  • There exists a competitive commission for all of those trading large volumes of cryptocurrencies on the platform. The market makers also receive various offers.
  • The cryptocurrency makes use of advanced order match-making algorithms for the reliable order books and order execution. This means that it is quite easier to locate your orders. Additionally, trading can be done effectively by those conducting high-frequency trading and those using the scalping strategies.

Trading Fee:

The trading fee completely depends upon the 30-day trading volume of the customers. All those having a trading volume between below or equalling 5 BTC and less than or equal to 100 BTC pay a taker fee of between 0.25% and 0.20%. The maker fee for the same is between 0.16% and 0.12%.

16. eToro

This is considered as a social copy trading stock, forex, securities, crypto trading platform and CFD. The CFD is on eToro that enables you to trade multiple assets of these categories. The platform was founded in 2007. It is regulated and considered as a safe avenue for all those looking for easy-to-use trading platforms that offer a mixture of assets for trading.

Social copy trading permits an user to copy a trade from all those expert traders that they follow. Thus, you can trade with less experience and knowledge in the assets. It is a pretty popular option for all those who look forward to trading ahead and these can trade around 47 pairs.

In spite of being so popular for CFDs, the exchange charges slightly higher fees than most of the other cryptocurrency exchanges irrespective of the zero dollar commissions for US traders and the recent cutting of spreads on the exchange. Additionally, as compared to the other trading platforms of similar kind, there exists limited research materials on the eToro platform.


  • eToro offers a total of 2361 tradable symbols. The platform also supports 94 crypto trading pairs.
  • The mobile wallet app of eToro is custodian that makes use of multi-sig schemes for the crypto users and owners.
  • The beginners can opt for demo trading. Furthermore, it also supports 66 charting and indicators for crypto trading.
  • The platform includes a wide range of digital assets for trading including CFDs, forex, cryptocurrencies, exchange traded securities, stocks etc.
  • There is Zero dollar commission for the US stock traders. The users can also invest in the fractional shares.
  • CryptoPortfolio is where the traders copy trades. In this process, those whose trades are being copied earn passive incomes while those who copy the trades can diversify their trading.
  • The ability for the users to copy the trades of the investors across more than 2300 instruments.

Trading Fee:

Etoro platform charges 0.75% for trading crypto. The fiat to crypto conversion fee is 5% on the platform. eToro also charges 0.1% for the crypto-to-crypto exchanging or conversion.


The best cryptocurrency exchanges are those that provide secure, easy-to-use platforms with high trading volumes and on which the customers can trade several cryptos and pay in multiple payment options. There are exchanges for the forex and stock traders that offer a mix of this and the cryptocurrencies which offer the best alternatives for diversifying.

The cryptocurrency exchanges charge variable fees and mostly they will charge higher fees for the debit and credit cards than for the bank accounts and online payment methods. The decentralized exchanges that make use of blockchain are deemed to be the most secured ones. If you are from India, you can also use these platforms and additionally, you can also search for the best cryptocurrency exchange in India.

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