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Top 9 Cryptos In Health Space For A Better Tomorrow

Since blockchain technology is busy changing industries, one of the largest and fastest growing industries across the globe, that is the healthcare industry, should not be ignored. A visit to the doctor is generally tormented by a never ending schedule of protocols like appointments and bookings.  The healthcare sector requires some serious overhauling and what better way to change this sector than using blockchain. In this article, we are going to look at various cryptos in health space. 

The healthcare sector has suffered a lot, especially when the privacy and data of the patients are often tampered with and this shattered system can easily be fixed with the blockchain technology. For that, there came top blockchain companies in healthcare that are trying to transform this sector for good. 

Top 9 Cryptos In Health Space 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain may not be the cure for terminal illnesses or even a cutting edge medical breakthrough, but it grabs a high potential to change the healthcare sector and also the ecosystem. Growth in privacy, security, efficiency and interoperability of the health records and data of the patients are among the many advantages that can be brought about by the technology. There are several cryptos in health space that are presently working hard to connect the fragmented ecosystem and revolutionize the sector by capitalizing on blockchain technology. Let us have a look at the top cryptos in health space. 

1. Dentacoin

Dentacoin is a blockchain solution for the dental industry across the globe. The project is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract technology that aims to help the global dental society by enhancing and developing the dental care system via convenient accessibility and payment schemes when using the DCN coin.

Ticker symbol: DCN

Token name: ERC20

2. MediBloc

MediBloc is recreating your healthcare experience by formulating a decentralized healthcare mechanism for healthcare providers and patients to share and avail data with ease on a secured channel. It tries to redistribute the sovereignty of medical data back to every individual while promoting better quality care and enhancing innovation. This is among the best cryptos in health space.

Ticker Symbol: MEDX

Token Type: ERC20

3. Medicalchain

The largest issue that the healthcare industry has is the concern of missing data while others are still using the traditional methods of data processing, Medicalchain is adopting blockchain solutions to safely store blockchain medical records in an organized style. The entity is digitizing health records and is using the blockchain technology distributed ledger system for convenient payment management in the hospital. This is among the most effective blockchain healthcare startups. 

Ticker Symbols: MTN

Token Type: ERC 20

4. Lympo

Lympo is taking advantage of blockchain technology to monetize health and sports data via distributed ledger system while providing incentives to users. This healthcare cryptocurrency is a free healthy lifestyle ecosystem that is powered by a user-generated and controlled data system. The data of the users are effectively monetized and used to reward users in the LYM form which can be expended on further developments of a healthy lifestyle. This project is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ticker Symbol: LMY

Token Type: ERC 20

5. FarmaTrust

Talking about cryptos in health space we cannot miss this one. FarmaTrust is taking advantage of the blockchain technology to offer a regulated and secure platform for pharmaceutical entities and government agencies to safeguard the sales and supply of counterfeit drugs in the healthcare space. The system also avails AI (artificial intelligence) and big data analysis to offer value-added services for a more convenient and transparent drug supply chain that is secure, safe, and encrypted.

Ticker symbol: FTT

Token Type: ERC20


Aidoc is an innovative project that leverages AI (artificial intelligence) and deep machine learning to change the medical industry. Aidoc is mixing smart hardware and IoT apps along with a blockchain based artificial intelligence and also deep learning to anticipate and analyze personal medical data of the human body to offer patients with constant wellness and health insights.

Ticker Symbol: NRN

Token Type: ERC20

7. Shivom

Shivom strives to make prominent collaboration among DNA data donors and revolutionary changemakers in the area of healthcare, research institutes, and biotechnology possible. It offers a platform where the data contributors will be able to hold the access rights to their genomic data and get rewards as incentives when they choose to share it.

Ticker Symbol: OMX

Token Type: ERC20

8. Docademic

Docademic takes advantage of blockchain technology to formulate a healthcare platform that allows data exchanges among interested parties powered by the MTC token. Docademic blockchain caters as a trustful repository for medical and health data and users are incentivized through the MTC token to contribute their data in exchange for benefits and services offered by third parties.  

Ticker Symbol: MTC

Token Type: ERC20

9. Patientory

Patientory is a project that capitalizes on blockchain technology to boost the healthcare sector to store, organize, and share data safely and securely while enhancing data encryption and security in the space. The channel also focuses on building better communications between doctors, providers, caregivers, and patients.

Ticker Symbol: PTOY

Token Type: ERC20


Blockchain has the ability to change the healthcare sector, keeping the patients at the center of the healthcare industry and raising security, interoperability, and privacy of all the health data. This technology has the potential to offer a new structure for HIE (Health Information Exchange) by enabling electronic medical records to be more effective, secure, and disintermediated. This evolving field offers various cryptos in health space that can operate effectively to change this industry for good. If we talk about blockchain in healthcare 2022 then surely there is a great future for it in this industry. So we think by now you have understood the need of blockchain in healthcare.

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