September Cryptocurrency News: How Important This Month Was?

September still remains in the red in crypto space. There have been some improvements as many sectors and institutions have started to accept the blockchain technology while the prices of many cryptos are still in shock. Let us have a look at the September cryptocurrency news. 

Recent launch of the Quarashi Network will decrease privacy issues now

Recently the Quarashi Network launch took place. This launch rotated around its all-in-one mobile platform that was focused on offering the users complete anonymity and privacy. It focuses on being the most private, most anonymous and secure application for chatting in the world. It aims to offer its users an anonymous identity while receiving and sending both traditional messages along with transactions in digital currency.

With fall in Bitcoin, alternative cryptos start to rise

There has been a recent surge in the value of Bitcoin. The oldest crypto a few days back attained $50,000 but fell drastically to $41,931.80 (at 28.09.2021 05.11 GMT). This is the Bitcoin price today. So, crypto experts are in tension with the rate of volatility that this crypto is showing, and hence they are predicting that there can be a rise of the altcoins, and they can take the place of Bitcoin in the near future. These altcoins include the Ethereum price, Cardano price, Chainlink, Dogecoin, and Avalanche. 

After a great high of $50,000 the value of BTC fell to below $45,000

One of the major issues that is hitting the present day’s headlines is the fall in the price of BTC. Recently, Bitcoin faced a surge that created a lot of excitement among crypto experts, but soon after that, the price of BTC fell to as low as $45,000 and this fall prevailed after that. At the time of writing, the value of the biggest crypto is $41,931.80 (at 28.09.2021 05.16 GMT). 

Russia has plans for its own Russian Bitcoin tracker

Russia plans to formulate a monitoring tool for Bitcoin to keep a record of the digital currency wallets that are linked with malicious activities along with terrorism financing. This news about the Russian Bitcoin tracker was first reported on September 1, 2021. Russia plans to design a monitoring tool for BTC to keep a record of the cryptocurrency wallets that are linked with malicious activities along with terrorism financing. This news about the Russian Bitcoin tracker was first reported on Wednesday. 

CBSE Introduces Blockchain In The boards results

Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education has included the use of blockchain technology in their class 10 and 12 board results, claiming that it will decrease the rate of tampering and will be safer for the students. Cryptocurrency in India is seeing great developments for sure. There is one thing to add, the users of India have also accepted the cryptocurrency price in India. 

Similar to this, earlier it was reported that the Ethereum network will be used in the diploma certificates that will decrease the rate of duplicity. So it is good news that the educational industry has understood and recognized the importance of blockchain technology in the present day and has begun to implement that. So this is one of the very important September cryptocurrency news. 

Crypto crackdown in China becomes extensive

After the May crackdown on crypto in China, the Chinese government has imposed more strict rules regarding the use of digital currency. As of now, cryptos in China are allowed to be used for cross — border purposes but were denied access for domestic use. But according to recent reports, there cannot be any movement of crypto from China neither domestic, nor cross the border. Chinese users can only hold the crypto. China is preparing the launch of its own digital currency. 

Other September news in a gist

In the initial days of September, BTC traded over $52,000 and the whole digital currency market saw a 1.12% increase in its total capitalization. Similarly, altcoins like Cardano and Solana saw a rise. This never happened in Bitcoin price from 2009 to 2018. 

Another important news of this month includes El Salvador accepting BTC officially now. The El Salvador Congress accepted a law to formulate a fund of $15 million to allow conversion of BTC to USD before the planned adoption in the Central American country of the digital currency as a legal tender in the upcoming week.

Researchers from the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Jodhpur have formulated an improvised interpretation of a blockchain technology that is lighter computationally and both time and energy efficient, enabling its application for conducting secure communications in IoT networks.


According to the September cryptocurrency news, the whole month saw many incidents taking place in the crypto space, and more is yet to come in the future. Many institutions have started to accept the technology that cryptocurrencies use. Other than that, the May crackdown on crypto in China saw an extension.

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