The Best Ways To Spend Bitcoin In Daily Life

As more and more people involve themselves in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, the big question that arises is how to spend Bitcoin that they have gathered. This has made many users skeptical as they believe that digital currencies are not ready to be spent on our daily expenses. Along with that, the Bitcoin price keeps on fluctuating which is not the scenario in the real market. In this article, we will be discussing the ways in which one can spend Bitcoin that they hold. 

Does Amazon Accept Bitcoin?

If you are wondering whether you can spend Bitcoin on Amazon or not, Amazon does not accept any digital currency including Bitcoin directly. But this should not be a barrier for you to spend your cryptos in retail shopping. But there are certain drawbacks that emerge when you plan to buy with Bitcoin Amazon. 

How To Spend Bitcoin Holding?

If you are wondering how to spend Bitcoin in Australia or how to spend Bitcoin in Canada, then here is your answer. 

With crypto being the babble of the movement, there is good news. Some small businesses have started to accept payments in Bitcoin as this can also be an investment for them. So if you have Bitcoin held or you are planning to get into the crypto world, then here are some ways for you to spend your crypto holdings. 

Giving and Receiving

You can always pay in Bitcoin for any cause that you believe in or for charity. Think of your favorite blog post or a cause that you just found out on the internet that you want to donate. You can do so by giving Bitcoin as a gift. By doing so you are spending your coin and at the same time, you are increasing their investment opportunities. 

Video Games

Brands like Microsoft have started to accept payments in Bitcoin for providing video games. There are some apps as well that are paid for in Bitcoin. If you are a gamer or a gaming enthusiast with crypto or Bitcoin holdings then this is another way for you to spend Bitcoin. 


There are many restaurants now that accept payments of your food in Bitcoins. All that you will need is a crypto wallet and be ready to transfer your used amount to place an order for your food. Some cafes and restaurants accept only Bitcoins. For example, in Prague, there is a coffee place that accepts payments only in Bitcoin. 


With travel companies like CheapAir, Expedia you can book your hotels or flight tickets with BItcoin quickly. Some dealerships on cars are also working on accepting payments in Bitcoin. 

There are some of the very simple ways with which you can spend your cryptos and can increase them as well by using software like BitQL that will allow you to increase your holding of Bitcoin. Here is the list of some platforms that allow you to spend Bitcoin directly.

  • Overstock is a retail shop that allows you to buy household stuff with Bitcoin. 
  • Virgin Atlantic makes arrangements for you to go to space. You can pay them for space tourism in Bitcoin. 
  • Wikimedia is a non profit entity that operates based on the donations that it receives and the donations can be made in Bitcoin. 
  • New Egg allows you to pay for all your gadgets in Bitcoin. 
  •  Name Cheap is a domain provider that enables you to buy domain names for your website from Name Cheap through Bitcoin. 
  • Pizza For Coins is a food service that accepts payments in Bitcoin. You can order your favorite pizza from this store with Bitcoin. 


With the popularity of digital currency that is rapidly growing, businesses will now start to accept payments in Bitcoin. So from now, you can spend Bitcoin on your daily needs as well. Now if you wonder how to invest in Bitcoin India the process is the same as any other Bitcoin investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Spend Bitcoin

1. How do I spend my bitcoin?

One way to spend Bitcoin is to connect it to a crypto debit card. This allows you to spend it much like your fiat cash. The cards are provided by major credit card companies which include Visa and MasterCard. So wherever a Visa card is accepted, you can spend your crypto there.

2. Where I can use Bitcoin?

You can use Bitcoin in Major Retailers, Home Depot, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Namecheap.

3. Is it worth buying $100 of Bitcoin?

Yes, you can. As the value of bitcoin increases, your holdings will grow. You can expect an increase of about 8 – 9% per month at least.

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