Crypto Black Friday Offers

Crypto Black Friday Offers That You Should Bag Right Now!

Crypto Black Friday offers are everything that enthusiasts in the domain have been waiting for. The deals that could be one of the best loans for you have been noted here. Therefore, scroll through the list carefully to get hold of crypto Black Friday deals that are amazing and unique enough. Moreover, some of the most significant names from the industry have been included here.

Crypto Black Friday Deals To Know!

Here is the list of deals that are out in the crypto space for the occasion of Black Friday. Excited to know what Black Friday deals await you? Keep reading!

YubiKey Black Friday Offers


You might not consider Yubikeys (the world’s leading security key) from Yubico as a valid crypto Black Friday deal. However, it is one of the offers you should consider. Are Black Friday deals worth it from Yubikeys? Obviously Yes! The offers that you can avail yourself from them are:

  • After buying two keys you can save $10 on the third one from the Security Key Series. This deal can be availed only once.
  • One can save up to 25% on YubiStyle Accessories.
  • Maximum discount of $20 on a cart of $100 or above.

TradingView Black Friday Offer

TradingView, a stock and crypto technical analysis providing site, has laid out an offer for this Black Friday. The Black Friday crypto deal we are talking about here is the 60% discount that the platform noted here is about to provide us with. Ones who love trading can avail of this offer and it would be extended up to 13 months rather than the usual 12 months period.

CleanMyMac X Black Friday Deal


CleanMyMac X is a tool that is used to clean Mac desktops and make them devoid of junk and malware. It is also used to identify crypto miners who are known to perform cryptojacking and to remove their access to a Mac desktop. The software anyway offers a free trial but this Black Friday you can get it for a 30% discount. Hurry up to get the deal as it might not be available when Black Friday ends.

Binance Black Friday Offer


Binance is currently not providing any deals on this Black Friday. But new users can still enjoy the joining offers. It lets people sign up to get a 20% cut in their trading fees and also enables them to earn $50 cashback bonus vouchers from their task centre. If you can get hold of a referral code or link online, you might be entitled to more benefits.

The list of crypto Black Friday deals ends here but we will soon be back with Cyber Monday offers in the domain as well.

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