Humanode ICO

Humanode ICO: One Looking For Investment Opportunities Can Consider!

Humanode ICO is one of the upcoming crypto token investment opportunities that you might want to consider. This Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is scheduled to start on October 6, 2022, that is two days after this article has been published. Ones who love to invest in token pre-sale and ICOs can surely check the details about it mentioned below for further assistance prior to making a decision.

What Is Humanode ICO?

Humanode token is an upcoming ICO by the Humanode Network. While defining the token, the whitepaper released by the network stated that:

“Humanode token (HMND) with Fath monetary system, equal fee distribution, and proportional emission distribution on the Humanode network.”

Further, the Humanode Network defines itself as:

“A protocol that can prove one’s unique identity through private biometric authentication schemes and grant permission to launch a node and verify transactions running a public permissionless network based on collective human existence.”

Token Sale Details

The token details and ICO information has been curated in brief for you.

  • Humanode Ticker: HMND
  • HMND Token Type: Own Blockchain
  • ICO Token Sale Price: 1 HMND Token will be sold for $0.1725
  • Goal Set For Fundraising: $9,050,000
  • Total HMND Tokens: 400,000,000
  • Available Tokens For Sale: 15%, that is, 60,000,000
  • Currency Accepted: USDT

This is an upcoming ICO that can be considered for investment due to the fact that it has an entirely different approach to the crypto industry. The Humanode network is working on the aspect of identity management which is something that blockchain technology has always been capable of. However, this potential has not been harnessed much in recent years. This is why crypto projects that work on such an aspect should be appreciated.

But do note one thing before investing! The current crypto market conditions are not at all favorable and this might turn out to be a riskier investment. Therefore, think cautiously before taking a step.

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