ETH Gathering Barcelona 2022

ETH Gathering Barcelona 2022: An Event For Ethereum Admirers

ETH Gathering Barcelona 2022 is one of the upcoming crypto events that Ethereum enthusiasts should have been waiting for. Before this event starts, we thought of informing you of intricate details that you might not know about one of the most informative crypto events. Therefore, keep reading to learn further details.

ETH Gathering Barcelona 2022: What, When & Where?

ETH Gathering Barcelona 2022 is an event that was scheduled to take place from November 19-20 this year. It is basically based on the idea of Web 3.0 technology and is intriguing for those who want to learn about that technology along with crypto. The conference is aimed at bringing about 600 people who have been working on some of the major Web 3.0 projects in the world. The official website notes that:

“The weekend will host panel discussions, keynote talks, workshops and working sessions, bringing the most relevant insights from the decentralized Web3 industry.”

The agenda of this conference covers topics like DeFi, DAOs, Security, and Data Analytics. The engaging conversations via the panel discussions or keynote talks are one of the essential parts of it that distinguish it from other similar events. The event also offered people to sponsor it so that they can boost their chances of reaching and understanding the attendees better.

The page also mentions the venue of this conference saying that it is:

“Held at the mezzanine level of Hotel Sofia, located at Plaça Pius XII, 08028 Barcelona, Spain. Just 5 minutes’ walk from the Camp Nou football stadium, home of the legendary FC Barcelona.”


Some prominent speakers who would be taking part in the ETH Gathering Barcelona 2022 are:

ETH Gathering Barcelona 2022 is set to be live tomorrow, if we can get some valuable minutes from the event then we would try sharing that with you. If you are one of the attendees or organizers who have been involved with this conference do comment below talking about what important things were discussed during the event.

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