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How Is The Bitcoin Price Hit Changing History Now?


The price of Bitcoin continued to rise on Monday (18.10.2021) after the asset manager ProShares had predicted that it might think of launching a BTC exchange future traded fund as soon as 18 October 2021. The Bitcoin price hit the market by as high as $62,000 on 16th October for …

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Betway Review: Is It Really Among The Best?

After getting launched in 2006, Betway received a pretty shaky beginning as far as the online gambling sites were concerned. However, this company returned fighting, altered its management team, and oversaw a process that witnessed its growth and became one of the most highly rated sites for crypto betting and …

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Is Crypto Investment For Retirees A Safe Option Now?


Digital currencies are technologies that are backed up by assets that require attention to finer details and can even expose you to several scams. Having said that, an individual who is going for any asset which is still in their budding state requires to be skilled to evaluate methodologically on …

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What Are The Important Benefits Of Crypto Bots?


Digital currencies are known for being highly fluctuating, with the prices rising and falling in just a few minutes. Investors also have the chance to take part in digital currency trading around the globe at any time of the day. So for trading, crypto trading bots are very effective to …

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Crypto Performance Driven Factors Impacting On The Latest Market Graph


The Covid-19 pandemic has hastened the global acceptance of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technologies that fuels them. While the volatility of various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin continues, the currency has hit hard to its lowest point in the past couple of days in this month and …

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