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ASIC Miner & Mining Cryptocurrency: Is It The New Era?


Cryptocurrency mining was considered to be something that you could do pretty easily a long time back. But now, those days are gone. In the current scenario, whether you are mining Bitcoin (BTC), DASH, Litecoin (LTC), or a host of the other cryptocurrencies or digital coins, the most effective method …

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All The Crypto Restricted Countries You Should Know About

Regulations on crypto have been controversial since its inception. The legal status of digital currencies differs substantially from nation to nation. India has proposed a crypto bill that is said to be prohibiting all the private digital currencies with several exceptions. In this article, we are going to learn about …

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These Smart Contract Cryptos Are Best For This Year


This year is going to be a big year for the smart contract cryptos. Smart contracts are small pieces of code that are self-executing in nature and reside on the blockchain, enabling it to generate applications. And all of the huge trends for 2022 from gaming tokens to metaverse to …

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10 Best Blockchain-as-a-Service Companies For Small To Big Businesses


Blockchain, in simple explanation, is a technology that keeps all your data. It is not influenced by power centers like big corporations or governments. The users of blockchain are the ones who are responsible for keeping this technology running and alive. There are various Blockchain-as-a-Service companies that offer cloud based …

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Atomic Swaps: How Are They Important In The Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency has been constantly getting its shape and expanding in terms of its meaning. There have been a lot of inclusions off late. One of such important inclusions in the cryptocurrency space just like the smart contracts are the atomic swaps. This article dives into the actual meaning of the …

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