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Rise In Demand For Crypto Insurance Policies Amid Crypto Winter


Crypto industry participants are seeking insurance or protection against the volatile domain’s risks. As a result, there is an unprecedented rise in the demand for crypto insurance policies. This need has been gaining attention only after the prolonged crypto winter as several investors and companies lost massive amounts of funds. …

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hits 4-Month Peak As Merge Inches Closer

Ethereum Classic Hits 4 Month High

Ethereum Classic (ETC), popularly known as the older version of the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), is on a bullish rally yet again. Another notable fact is that the coin is gaining on a ‘red’ day. Although the newer version of it was ‘green’ at the time of reporting. The ETC …

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South Korea’s First Arrests In A Crypto Crime Case


South Korean prosecutors recently made their first arrests in the country concerning a crypto crime case that focuses on illegal crypto-related activities that might have wiped off billions. The accused party was suspected of carrying out illegal foreign-exchange transactions worth $3.4 billion. South Korean Crypto Crime Case Overview Three people …

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Hurray! Its A Green Day For The Crypto Market

Crypto Market Goes Green

The crypto market was in the red yesterday as most of the currencies saw a downtrend and thereafter, today one can witness it rebounding from the recent losses. The crypto behemoths, like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have been trending on the leading price tracking website, CoinMarketCap. The most prominent …

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Blockchain and Biofuel: The Unusual Combo


The blockchain and crypto domains have extended their roots into various unexpected sectors. One such field is biofuel as the digital currency space is set to serve this industry. Blockchain and biofuel are two completely poles apart sectors, which is why this integration has left many stunned. However, it is …

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Crypto Exchange News: Nuri & Coinflex Face Wrath Of Crypto Winter


Crypto Exchange News: The crypto winter has continued to affect the crypto exchange platforms negatively. The latest crypto exchange news suggests that renowned crypto trading platforms like Nuri and Coinflex have been the recent movers on the list of exchanges that either went bankrupt or ceased operating or saw major …

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