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Important Ways In Which The Crypto Solves Bank Failures


The blockchain technology has received immense attention over the last decade, driving beyond the appreciation of niche Bitcoin enthusiasts and into the hardcore conversation of investors and banking experts. Digital currency is transforming everything from payment to investment options. Crypto solve bank failures in a more majestic way now.  Sen. …

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US Seized Cryptos To Be Handled By Anchorage Digital


Anchorage Digital, which is a cryptocurrency custodian, has been chosen by the US Marshal Service to take care of all the digital currency assets that are seized by the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and the Justice Department.  Contents hide 1 What Is Anchorage Digital Bank? 2 The United States On …

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A Big Fear Of Cryptocurrency Tax Hit Expected This Year


Covered in the unreleased bipartisan infrastructure package is a sharp fall on the digital currency transactions that have the potential to generate crucial tax revenues. This cryptocurrency tax hit can be for the government and can create major anxiety in the financial technology industry that prevailed during the pandemic of …

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BitPay Adds Litecoin Crypto: Why Is This Platform Important?


BitPay, which is the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and digital currency payment services, announced its support towards Litecoin. BitPay adds Litecoin crypto in the BitPay wallet app. Consumers can store, swap, and buy crypto along with purchasing gift cards securely and safely. Let us have a look at some …

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