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Ledger Nano S Review: Should You Invest In The Wallet?


Are you curious about the Ledger Nano S? Do you think that it keeps your cryptocurrencies safe? Well, you will get to know about this. The Ledger Nano S is probably the most widely used and reputed hardware wallet or cold wallet on the market. This has a good reason …

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Pay With Bitcoin: Transactions In Bitcoin Made Easy


Bitcoin was developed as the need for a currency that is not dominated by any central authority. One currency that is decentralized and can also be paid for services and goods. Initially, people used this for Pizza. Today with Bitcoin you can get so much more than a slice of …

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What Are Altcoins? A Complete Guide On Them


Bitcoin has been the oldest and the most established as well as the popular cryptocurrency out there. However, it is not alone in the market and there are other cryptocurrencies that have been ruling the crypto space going by the term “Altcoins”. The term has commonly been derived from the …

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Latest NFT Market Volume Rises To $23B This Year, Know How


Demand for NFTs (Non fungible tokens) has continued to increase this year as the total NFT market volume for 2021 attained $23 billion. This is a prominent jump compared to the previous year when NFTs worth a little less than $100 million were traded.  The data that a blockchain analytics …

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