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Crypto Crash Sessions Don’t Have A Stop It Seems


The crypto market is crashing yet again after a week full of fluctuations. Last week, the market started on a ‘green’ note and the subsequent crypto crash sessions almost wiped off any profit made during that period. Even the first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), couldn’t survive that bearish trend. …

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Leaving Crypto On Exchanges: Safe Or Risky? Read To Know


The act of leaving crypto on exchanges is very common among crypto enthusiasts. However, in the times of increasing crypto frauds, scams, and glitches that caused millions and billions of losses, is it really safe to leave your risky assets at further risk? The answer to this might be much …

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10 Top Crypto Coins Weekly Roundup


The crypto market is completely volatile which is why one might lose track of several prominent price action updates every now and then. Therefore, we have decided to provide a weekly update of the 10 top crypto coins every week. It sums up the price actions at large. In addition, …

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These Metaverse Cryptos Resist Today’s Crypto Crash Session


The crypto market is volatile enough to maintain different trends at various points in time. The majority of the cryptocurrencies had been gaining yesterday, however, most of them are dipping today following a reverse price action trend. In contrast, there are two metaverse cryptos that have been resisting and defying …

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Brad Sherman Wants SEC To Probe Crypto Exchanges Listing XRP


U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman, also the Chairperson of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Investor Protection, recently requested the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to chase major crypto exchanges listing XRP. He came to this conclusion after holding a hearing on Wednesday to determine the SEC’s efforts to …

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