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Binance Loses Money Worth $12 Billion After FTX Mishap


It is not more than just two months that the FTX, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, has gone through collapse after filing Chapter 11. This took a toll on the entire cryptocurrency market. Following this, the latest crypto news states that Binance loses money worth $12 billion. Although back …

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Alt Coin Crypto Solana Defeats Competitors In Market Cap


The solicited Ethereum-killer, alt coin crypto Solana (SOL), has borne losses in the past couple of months owing to the bear market. This bear market has been the result of the latest FTX collapse, the sinking of one of the most popular crypto exchanges following the filing of Chapter 11. …

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Crypto Market Cycle: Understanding The Phases For Better Trading


Crypto Market Cycle is an important aspect of the cryptocurrency market and crypto trading. Crypto market enthusiasts often look for better opportunities for trading. With the volatile crypto market, not all time of the year or all stages of a cryptocurrency is suitable for trading. The crypto market undergoes a …

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CoinDeal Crypto Scheme Creator Charged With $45Mn Fraud


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today has charged the CoinDeal Crypto Scheme Creator and various others for their involvement in raising over $45 million. The accused are Neil Chandran, Garry Davidson, Michael Glaspie, Amy Mossel, Linda Knott, AEO Publishing Inc, Banner Co-Op, Inc, and BannersGo, LLC. The accused had …

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Crypto Market Vulnerabilities: Regulators Of The United States Warn Banks


For the first time, the Federal Reserve of the US warns banks about crypto market vulnerabilities. Cryptocurrency markets are well known for being uncertain, but despite this, they still attract people because of their viability. US financial institutions were advised to be on the lookout for fraudulent activity, regulations concerning, …

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