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Why ETH Price Expects Hitting $3.5K In The Coming Weeks?


Ethereum or ETH price has been range bound and neutral since the crash on May 19. Due to its centralization, ETH along with other altcoins like Litecoin (LTC) have introduced a huge interaction with Bitcoin price. Such a hike in the interaction indicated that the investors are depending on flagship …

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What Are The Top 8 Best Bitcoin Poker Sites 2021?


Cryptocurrency and online poker is a match made in heaven. Wondering why? Because digital currencies like Bitcoin provide a bizarre level of anonymity, which is a crucial feature of every self-respecting poker site. It is more attractive for casual players who wish to stay under a certain radar or avoid …

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Monero Updates: Why Is It New Investor’s First Choice?


Since 2014, Monero has been abiding by revolutionary ideas of keeping all virtual transaction details hidden. There are many investors who are getting attracted to the Monero cryptocurrency XMR and along with that, the Monero developers receive huge donations that are equal to half a million USD. In this article, …

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Here Is A Detailed Report On The Ankr Price Prediction


Initially, Ankr (CCC: ANKR-USD) may seem complicated to many prospective digital currency investors. Still, after breaking it down one will find the stablecoin understandable and also worthy of investing. To know completely what cryptocurrency is about, here is a ANKR price prediction. This is an important feature of smarter websites and …

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What Is The Effect Of Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption 2021?


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla recently tweeted saying that Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy and it raises a concern for the environment that dropped the price of the digital currency. It is a common fact that Bitcoins are traded without a break in the crypto exchanges 24*7. Activists …

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Everything You Need To Know About Chip Demand And Its Effects


The rise of the popularity of mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has increased the attention on the shortage of semiconductors. These semiconductors are used in computers to mine Bitcoin. While the stock of chips has escalated as the prices have increased for this important technical component, the Bitcoin mining shortage might …

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