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Crypto Utility Tokens: Why Are They So Important Now?


While the term “cryptocurrency” is often used as an umbrella phrase to illustrate all digital assets, there are actually some specific types of cryptos. Most of them fall into two primary categories: tokens and coins. The most common types of tokens include security tokens and utility tokens. So, in today’s …

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A Guide On How To Use Compound Platform Easily


What is a Compound and how can someone start to use it? Some refer to Compound as the starting stages of DeFi (decentralized finance). So it is very important for any blockchain and DeFi enthusiast to know how to use Compound. And in this article, we will see the same.  …

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Now Get 1 BTC In This Binance Bitcoin Button Game


Famous digital currency exchange Binance has recently launched a new game known as the Bitcoin Button Game. This game offers the participants the opportunity to win one BTC apart from guaranteed NFTs (non fungible tokens), and other prizes.  The Bitcoin Button Game is live and at any offered time, you …

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NFT Portfolio Trackers: Now Track All Your Investments Easily


Non fungible tokens (NFTs) are the recent craze in and around the crypto space. These virtual assets offer a “never before seen” ownership value that empowers brands, creators, and artists everywhere. Along with that, they have spurred a new section of investors who are the NFT collectors. Their community is …

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Metaverse Games That Are Best For The Growth Of NFT


The NFT sector is a rapidly growing sector. However, it is still arguably in its infancy. Namely, the complete market capitalization of all the NFTs is still just $7 billion. For this reason, many NFT investors are searching for catalysts, something that has the ability to boost the sector. Many …

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