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Ethereum Price Continues To Be Below 50-day EMA


Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency, has been sustaining below its 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). This is because the Ethereum price has dropped in recent times. The crypto winter has certainly not ceased and several underlying reasons have been responsible for it. As a result, the Ethereum price tumbled significantly. …

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Ace Coin: A New Cryptocurrency By Ace Agency


Ace is an agency that has recently launched its own native cryptocurrency on the blockchain. The digital currency is named Ace coin. The new crypto is developed in order to aid the company to integrate the employees’ efforts into the growth and expansion of it. Building this cryptocurrency is a …

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Ethereum Community Sees A Division. Why Is That So?


The Ethereum community has seen a divide recently on the question of how to react to the threats of protocol-level transaction censorship due to the United States government sanctions that mention the use of addresses linked to Tornado Cash. It is one of the latest Ethereum news in the global …

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What Is Up With The South Korea Gift Tax Policy?


You will be surprised to know that the South Korea Gift Tax policy now extends into the cryptocurrency domain. Want to know how and why? Well, we have curated the important points and information about the move. Overview Of South Korea Gift Tax Policy On Crypto On Monday, August 22, …

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