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The New Cardano Vasil Upgrade Launches On Testnet


On July 3, 2022, Cardano (ADA) effectively performed its testnet’s hard fork in order to prepare for the forthcoming Vasil upgrade. This latest update indicates better scalability and also ensures performance upgrades in the blockchain network. The news on the Cardano Vasil Upgrade came as a relief to ADA enthusiasts …

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Ethereum Name Service: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide For You


People can select domain names that are convenient to remember for their wallet addresses because of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). The secret behind this technology is utilizing a computer to know about this domain.  When it is to the Web 3 communication, ENS holds the ability to make all …

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5 Best Unfamiliar Cryptocurrencies You Can Invest In Today


There are numerous digital currencies in circulation currently, which can make it overwhelming and confusing for the first time users to understand exactly which digital currencies to put their trust in. Adding to this is the idea of many unfamiliar cryptocurrencies, that the users cannot trust and put their money …

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CEX Exchange Review: All You Need To Know


With the popularity of the crypto space, numerous ventures have been made into formulating and launching trading platforms for these digital currencies. Crypto exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase are behemoths in the particular sector. However, the ‘CEX exchange review’ provided in the article will aid you in knowing about …

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10 Healthcare Cryptocurrencies You Must Know About


The crypto domain stretches far and contains a variety of sectors and the types of cryptos associated with them. From stablecoins to meme coins, the crypto market has a lot to offer to different types of people and sectors. While the aforementioned crypto types are fairly popular, some are not. …

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