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Cryptocurrency Insurance: How It Works In The Latest Crypto Space?


Investors who have conventional securities such as bonds or stocks can depend on various levels of protective regulations and are also be backed by insurance either from their government or private policies. But what is the scenario with digital currencies? Let us know about cryptocurrency insurance in a bit of …

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FC Barcelona Crypto: The Club To Enter Cryptocurrency Space


Spanish football giant FC Barcelona aims to create its own digital coin as per the statement issued by the president of the club. The club rejected the offers of collaborating with big crypto enterprises because it wishes to create FC Barcelona crypto and also its own metaverse, as stated by …

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Important Role Of Crypto In Discrimination Across The Globe


A survey conducted by a popular media house found that Hispanics, Black, LGBTQ, and women are significantly more likely to own crypto assets. There are prominent roles of crypto in discrimination across the globe. In this article, we will see how this financial instrument developed as a weapon to fight …

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